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Hydraulic jig Product display/Product display

Hydraulic jig

Hydraulic jig

Hydraulic jigs are formed by the development trend of circular jigs, which are mainly composed of two parts: pushing and acid washing tanks: pushing is a mechanical equipment hydraulic press method, and the driving force of hydraulic jigs is provided by an electric motor. According to the speed regulation organization, the output shaft of the reducer drives the camshaft to rotate, and the camshaft promotes the regular and repeated movement of the plunger pump of each main hydraulic cylinder, Furthermore, electromagnetic energy is converted into mechanical kinetic energy and then into hydraulic functions. The hydraulic jigging machine uses hydraulic oil pipes and various valves to drive the driven hydraulic cylinder for fitness activities, thereby driving the left and right pulsating drinks of the jigging machine's cone bucket. The hydraulic jigs produced by our company use electromagnetic induction variable speed asynchronous motors to complete the adjustment of the punching frequency, which belongs to the range of zero to 90 times/minute for endless adjustment. 液压跳汰机(图1)

The hydraulic jigs produced by our company have many advantages compared to the various jigs currently used in mineral processing plants in China: the total area of jigs is large, and the ability to solve work is strong; Because the jig pickling tank is fan shaped, it is beneficial for purchasing fine grade raw materials; Compact structure, centralized feeding, small indoor space for ore separation, suitable for application in mining vessels; Because the hydraulic transmission system is selected, the transmission mechanism is simplified and the driving force is saved. The total output power of a nine chamber hydraulic jig is 11.6Kw, which saves about 55% of the driving force compared to a typical jig with the same total area of a beneficiation plant. The jig curve of an axial hydraulic jig is similar to a sawtooth shaped pulsating beverage curve, which is not only beneficial for the acquisition of fine sand and heavy mineral substances, but also greatly reduces the flow rate of water under the sieve of the jig. The flow rate of water under the sieve is about a quarter of that of a typical jig.

At present, foreign hydraulic jigs have been widely used in mining ships as roughing machines and equipment. Hydraulic jigs are used to separate placer gold, tin, diamond, tungsten, manganese, Hematite and other iron ores. After many years of practical experience, it has been proven that the actual effect of the hydraulic jig beneficiation plant is excellent. 液压跳汰机(图2)

Advantages and characteristics of hydraulic jigs

1、 Large working capacity, small land occupation and wide coverage of sorting granularity distribution

2、 High aggregation ratio and high utilization

3、 Easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain

4、 The zigzag wave jig pulsating beverage curve makes it easier for heavy mineral substances to move downwards

5、 Save 60-70% water and 55% electricity compared to traditional jigs

6、 Choose an electromagnetic adjustable speed motor

7、 The hydraulic jig is suitable for separating gold, tin, diamond, tungsten, manganese, Hematite and other minerals, especially in the manganese ore, barite powder concentrator industry. 液压跳汰机(图3)

Hydraulic jig(图4)

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