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Gold selection complete equipment Product display/Product display

Gold selection complete equipment

Gold selection complete equipment

For gold ore beneficiation operations, a complete set of gold beneficiation equipment is generally used to form a complete production line for gold panning and other operations. The entire gold selection equipment is generally divided into processes such as crushing, screening, and desilting selection. Generally speaking, gold and various heavy minerals are first recovered from the original ore through gravity separation, and then separated from each other through combined operations such as gravity separation, flotation, mercury mixing, magnetic separation, and electrostatic separation, achieving the goal of comprehensive recovery.

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Complete gold selection process 1. Crushing and screening: Many placer gold mines contain cementitious mud balls, some of which have particle sizes greater than 100 millimeters. If not crushed, they will be discharged together with waste rocks during the screening process, causing loss of gold. In addition, cement can also bond to gravel or pebbles, and if not broken, it can cause gold loss during the screening process. 2. Desliming: Materials smaller than 0.1 millimeters in placer gold generally do not contain gold or gold. Gold smaller than 0.1 millimeters, commonly known as float gold, is difficult to recover during the selection process, while slime of the same particle size interferes with the selection process, especially mechanical selection. Therefore, in the mechanical beneficiation plant of placer gold mines, attempts are always made to remove slimes smaller than 0.1 millimeters. 3. Selection: The gravity separation method is a more effective and economical method for handling placer gold deposits, and a complete set of equipment for the gold separation process can also be used for joint operations. Gold selection complete equipment(图4)

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Complete selection process requirements. 1. Suitable for extracting sand and gold deposits such as riverbed, ancient rivers, and alluvial gold. 2. Requirements for low mud content and low mineral humidity in gold placers. 3. After multi-level screening and washing, the gold recovery rate has reached over 90%. 4. The feeding method is excavator, loader, or dump truck. Gold selection complete equipment(图6)

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The advantages of a complete set of mechanical equipment for gold concentrate are as follows: firstly, the beneficiation process is simple. The production line technology consisting of a complete set of mechanical components for gold concentrate is mature and simple, and the complete mechanical components for gold concentrate are not complex, with a reasonable floor area. 2、 Low beneficiation cost. The overall cost investment of the complete set of machinery for gold concentrate beneficiation is low, the overall equipment procurement is reasonable, the failure rate of the entire gold concentrate equipment process is low, the recovery of funds is fast, and the investment prospects are good. Gold selection complete equipment(图8)

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