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CLF flotation machine

CLF flotation machine

The schematic diagram and technical parameters of CLF flotation machine are provided by Jinqiang Mining Equipment, a flotation machine manufacturer. The CLF flotation machine produced by Jinqiang Mining Equipment is a flotation machine equipment with a unique pickling tank structure and a newly upgraded pulp circulation system circuit, commonly known as CLF flotation machine. The operation of CLF flotation machine (coarse particles) with new impeller, motor stator and other components can lead to a new upgraded pulp circulation system method and a smooth separation zone and foam plastic layer. The excellent electric field improves the load capacity of acidizing bubbles and the particle size distribution of raw materials. It has greater advantages in the separation of minerals with coarse particle size distribution, so it is called coarse particle floater. At the same time, the pulp returned to the impeller in the flotation reagent tank has low concentration value and fine particle size distribution, which alleviates the damage to the impeller and motor stator. CLF浮选机(图1)1. CLF flotation machine adopts new impeller, fixed division system and new upgraded pulp circulation system method to improve the load capacity of acidification bubble and the particle size distribution of floated ore particles. The pulp concentration value returned to the impeller area is low, the particle size distribution is fine, and the function loss is low; 2. CLF flotation machine has large gas particle size distribution, which is easy to produce large bubbles, improving the adhesion probability between mineral particles and bubbles, and improving the ability of bubbles to bear mineral particles; 3. The CLF flotation machine has a large amount of pulp circulation system, stable liquid level, low turbulence intensity of pulp, and well proportioned bubble dispersion, which improves the floatability of coarse minerals, so as to facilitate the smooth upward adjustment of acidified foam plastics; 4. When the coarse ore particles of CLF flotation machine stay in the pulp, the acidified foam plastic has a short floating distance, reducing the probability of mineral particles falling down, and improving the flotation reagent capacity of coarse mineral particles; 5. The stator of the CLF flotation machine motor and the flotation reagent tank are lined with wear-resistant rubber, which has strong wear and corrosion resistance and a long service life. When the impeller of the CLF flotation machine rotates, the low voltage gas from the fan enters the gas regulator in the impeller management center through the hollow shaft, and enters the impeller blades through the holes near the regulator. In addition, the slurry under the false bottom is sucked in from below the impeller and discharged from near the impeller after sufficient mixing between the slurry and gas. At this time, there is a pressure difference between the internal area of the flotation machine and the external circulation system area, Under the pressure difference and the suction force of the impeller, the internal zone slurry and steam bubbles rise. According to the grid plate, coarse minerals form a floating layer of coarse minerals on the upper edge of the grid plate, while the slurry with finer sand minerals passes through the baffle and enters the impeller zone for circulation through the safety channel of the circulation system. CLF浮选机(图2)CLF flotation machine can be used not only to separate nonferrous plates and Light metal mineral particles, but also to separate various chemical raw materials; It is not only suitable for the separation of coarse particle size distribution particles, but also for the separation of fine sand particles. It belongs to the flotation reagent machine equipment with full particle size distribution. The particle size distribution of general flotation machine is 0.01-0.15mm, and that of CLF coarse particle flotation machine is 0.4-0.7mm. CLF浮选机(图3)


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