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Dry rod mill

Dry rod mill

Dry rod mills mainly process various ores or rocks in metal and non-metallic mines, as well as in water conservancy and building materials departments. Dry rod mills are used in mining, chemical plants, and other fields, with production efficiency of 64-180 t/h. The basic principle of a dry rod mill is the same as that of a wet rod mill, which is based on the motor and nearby drive wheel deceleration transmission system to drive the rotation of the cylinder section. The cylinder body is equipped with moderate grinding material - round steel. Under the effect of Centripetal force and sliding friction, the grinding material is raised to a certain height width ratio and falls down in the form of throwing or discharging. The raw materials that are ground continuously enter the inner part of the cylinder from the feeding port, and are crushed by the grinding materials of fitness activities. Based on the overflow and continuous feeding energy, the products are discharged from the main machine to carry out the next stage of process work. 干式棒磨机(图1)

The price of dry rod mills is influenced by various factors such as equipment manufacturer, specifications, quality, region, and market demand, and the price of dry rod mills generally varies. Different manufacturers of dry rod mills have different product performance and quality, and the prices of dry rod mills also vary. Therefore, customers must purchase equipment from reputable manufacturers when purchasing dry rod mills. 干式棒磨机(图2) Jinqiang Mining Equipment has been focusing on mining machinery and equipment for over 10 years. The entire process of production, manufacturing, and sales of each dry rod mill manufacturer's equipment is very scientific and rigorous. Through quality system certification, the specific price of dry rod mills can be obtained through free online consultation, and multiple discounts can also be enjoyed. There are also technical personnel to help you provide free installation, operation guidance, maintenance and other after-sales services, and we are dedicated to serving you 24 hours a day! 干式棒磨机(图3)


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