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Shaftless drum screen Product display/Product display

Shaftless drum screen

Shaftless drum screen

The shaftless drum screen provides a simple, efficient, and economical solution for a variety of raw materials, as well as optimization for subsequent beneficiation processes. This method of shaftless drum screen helps to reduce operating procedures, reduce investment costs, and improve product quality, while allowing for fast and large-scale processing. The processed raw materials can directly enter various beneficiation equipment, such as centrifugal beneficiation machines, spiral chutes, jigs, etc. 无轴滚筒筛(图1)

Advantages and characteristics of shaftless drum screen: 1. Economical and efficient screening solution; 2. The front end of the heavy-duty shaftless drum screen cylinder is equipped with a scraper, making it easier for materials to be dispersed; 3 different mesh sizes are available for selection; 4 layers of screens, easy to replace; 5. High processing efficiency and large processing capacity; 6. The unique screen design ensures a longer service life of the screen without clogging; Equipped with a heavy-duty feeding silo; 8 gear drive device. 无轴滚筒筛(图2)

Main Technical Parameters of Large Shaftless Drum Screen

Shaftless drum screen(图3)无轴滚筒筛(图3)无轴滚筒筛(图4)无轴滚筒筛(图5)

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