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JJF flotation machine

JJF flotation machine

The JJF flotation machine is a self breathing mechanical stirring flotation machine independently developed by the Beijing Mining and Metallurgy Science Research General Hospital in China. The JJF flotation machine equipment is one of the most commonly used self breathing mechanical stirring flotation machines in China at present, with a single cell capacity of up to 200m3. The JJF flotation machine is used to select metal mines and mining enterprises with a wide range of specified air volume for copper, molybdenum, and other metals.

Flotation machine of JJF series products: JJF flotation machine has reasonable structure, reliable operation and stable operation, and its characteristics have reached the excellent level of overseas flotation machines. It is suitable for the separation of non-ferrous plates, Light metal and mining enterprises. The JJF flotation machine equipment has the following characteristics: self suction gas; The coal slurry circulation system has good characteristics; The relative stability of respiratory volume; Moderate compressive strength during mixing, excellent floatation of solid particles; Stable liquid level, low output power consumption. JJF浮选机(图1)

The JJF flotation machine uses the SF type flotation machine as the suction tank, which has dual functions of suction and flotation reagents. It forms a collaborative power generation unit with the JJF flotation machine and is equipped horizontally, without the use of a foam pump. This solves the problem of using the JJF flotation machine to equip and apply the foam pump step by step. For example, the SF type produced by Jinqiang Mining as the suction tank and the JJF type as the DC cell of the collaborative flotation unit have large breathing capacity and low energy consumption. JJF浮选机(图2)

The SF and JJF flotation machine collaborative generator set has been used in the production and manufacturing of a certain mining plant. Practical experience has proven that the research and development of generator sets has been successful, and the economic benefits are significant. The generator set is equipped at a standard level, without the use of a saturated foam pump, simplifying the preparation of flotation reagent steps, providing a new plan for the selection of flotation reagent machinery and equipment, especially providing comprehensive work experience for the upgrading of flotation reagent machinery and equipment in old beneficiation plants. JJF浮选机(图3)

JJF flotation machine(图4)

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