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Rod mill

Rod mill

Working principle of rod mill: The grinding body of the rod mill equipment is round steel, and iron ore is crushed using the working pressure and grinding force of the round steel. When the rod severely strikes iron ore, the first step is to crush the coarse particles, followed by crushing the smaller particles; There is a linear contact between the rod and the ball, while there is a point contact between the ball and the rod. Therefore, when the rod rotates and rises along the cylinder wall, it holds the coarse particles, which is similar to the rod screening effect, allowing the fine sand to pass through the gaps between the rods. This is also beneficial for crushing sand and concentrating the coarse particles in areas severely hit by grinding minerals, with less crushing. When purchasing a rod mill at a price of 棒磨机(图1), in addition to paying attention to the performance and quality of the equipment itself, the price of the rod mill is undoubtedly a concern for customers, especially for equipment with many manufacturers in the market, it is even more important to be cautious when purchasing. After all, the price of rod mills is not cheap. Due to various factors such as the manufacturer, specifications, quality, region, and market demand of the rod mill equipment, the price of the rod mill generally varies. Different manufacturers of rod mills have different product performance and quality, and the price of rod mills also varies. Therefore, customers must purchase equipment from reputable manufacturers when purchasing rod mills. 棒磨机(图2) Jinqiang Mining Equipment has been focusing on mining machinery and equipment for over 10 years. The entire process of production, manufacturing, and sales of equipment from each rod mill manufacturer is very scientific and rigorous. Through quality system certification, the specific price of the rod mill can be obtained through free online consultation, and multiple discounts can also be enjoyed. There are also technical personnel to help you provide free installation, operation guidance, maintenance and other after-sales services, and we are dedicated to serving you 24 hours a day! 棒磨机(图3)

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