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Mining magnetic separator

Mining magnetic separator

Mining magnetic separators are commonly used for purification of various iron ore resources in mineral processing plants. They can obtain the magnetic minerals carried by various iron ore resources, improve the utilization grade of iron ore, improve resource utilization rate, and reduce resource consumption. The magnetic separator used for iron ore has strong magnetism and excellent magnetic separation effect. It is not easy to lose magnetism and has a long application period. It has good magnetic separation ability for minerals containing various types of magnetic residues. Jinqiang Enterprise produces and manufactures various models and specifications of magnetic separators for iron ore. The enterprise has a strong product research and development design plan and production capacity. The enterprise will equip customers with suitable machinery and equipment according to their requirements, ensuring low capital investment and high returns.

The prices of magnetic separators for iron ore vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the wholesale prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Magnetic separators for iron ore with different models and specifications from the same manufacturer also have very different prices. If customers want to know the actual price information, they can obtain it through the manufacturer's online customer service or conduct surveys, visits, and inspections in the manufacturer's production and manufacturing country, When accessing manufacturers and their price information content online, it is important to be extremely cautious and careful to prevent being deceived by false information content. 1. The magnetic separator used for iron ore is made of stainless steel plates, with a high-precision casting process. The production process of the beneficiation plant causes less consumption, and the wear resistance of each component is good, with a longer service life. 2. The magnetic separator used for iron ore has stronger working ability for various iron ore resources, and can remove a variety of magnetic residues. The concentrator has high precision and excellent results, resulting in high economic benefits. 3. The magnetization intensity is deeper, the magnetic system edge is higher, and the mining magnetic separator is more stable in operation, with less loss of magnetism, higher daily output, and longer operating time. 4. The Hematite magnetic separator causes less noise of mechanical equipment in the production process of the concentrator, solves the same raw materials, consumes less power, saves more energy, and is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. 矿用磁选机(图1) The mechanical energy of the Hematite magnetic separator comes from the motor. The operation of the motor drives the operation of the magnetic separator body, and the feeding equipment carries out feeding. The Hematite magnetic separator can use the main shaft to adjust the feeding amount, so that the feeding is more symmetrical. The operation of the magnetic separation grade and production volume is completed by adjusting the speed change meter. During the whole process of magnetic separation, magnetic ore particles are absorbed on the magnetic roller, and non-magnetic ore particles are stuck on the magnetic roller, When the magnetic roller rotates to the front part, the gangue particles are thrown out and removed at the front edge of the separation plate. The magnetic particles are sent to the demagnetization area and automatically burst out of the self selected ore collection hopper to become titanium concentrate, which is continuously circulated in a system for mass production regulations. 矿用磁选机(图2)

矿用磁选机(图3)矿用磁选机(图4)矿用磁选机(图5)矿用磁选机(图6)Mining magnetic separator(图7)

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