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Ring hammer crusher

Ring hammer crusher

The ring hammer crusher collides with the material through high-speed rotation to break the material. The ring hammer crusher has the characteristics of simple structure, high crushing ratio, and high production efficiency, and can be used for dry and wet crushing. Large ring hammer crushers are suitable for fine crushing of medium hardness and brittle materials in mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, highways, combustion and other departments. The PCH ring hammer crusher can adjust the clearance between the castor bars and change the discharge particle size according to user requirements to meet the different needs of different users. Ring hammer crusher is commonly known as: ring hammer crusher, ring hammer crusher, hammer crusher, ring hammer coal hammer, ring hammer crusher. The PCH ring hammer crusher is suitable for crushing various brittle materials, such as coal, coal, coke, slag, shale, loose limestone, etc. The compressive strength of the material shall not exceed 10MPa, and its surface moisture shall not exceed 8%. The PCH ring hammer crusher is suitable for crushing various materials that are brittle, medium hard, with a surface moisture content of no more than 15% -10%, and a compressive strength of no more than 100MPa. It is widely used in the crushing or fine crushing of coal, gangue, coke, slag, limestone, phosphate rock, etc. in departments such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical engineering, thermal power generation, etc. The large ring hammer crusher is characterized by compact structure, light weight, stable operation, low noise, reliable operation, long service life, convenient maintenance, low dust, low energy consumption, and the ability to remove superhard materials.

The main features of the PCH ring hammer crusher are:

The equipment of the PCH ring hammer crusher manufacturer is characterized by simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, best-selling domestically and exported overseas, and highly praised by users.

The main purpose of the large ring hammer crusher is to crush various medium hard and weakly abrasive materials. The compressive strength of the material does not exceed 100MPa, and the moisture content is less than 15%. The crushed materials are coal, coal ore, coke, and slag. Red sandstone, shale, salt, chalk, gypsum, brick and tile, limestone, etc. The PCH ring hammer crusher is also used to crush broken wood, paper, or asbestos cement waste with strong fiber structure, elasticity, and toughness to recover asbestos fibers, and so on. In addition, large ring hammer crushers can not only be used for crushing production lines and sand production lines, but also replace cone crushers in mineral processing production lines. The main working component of the equipment of the PCH ring hammer crusher manufacturer is the rotor with a hammer (also known as the hammer head). The rotor is composed of a spindle, a disc, a pin, and a hammer. The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed in the crushing chamber. The material is fed into the machine from the upper feeding port and is crushed by the impact, shearing, and grinding effects of a high-speed hammer. At the lower part of the rotor, there is a sieve plate, and the particles smaller than the sieve hole size in the crushed material are discharged through the sieve plate. The coarse particles larger than the sieve hole size are retained on the sieve plate and continue to be hit and ground by a hammer, and finally discharged out of the machine through the sieve plate. The PCH ring hammer crusher manufacturer's equipment is an impact rotor crusher with a ring hammer. After entering the crusher, materials are first crushed by the impact of the ring hammer that rotates at high speed with the rotor. The crushed materials also obtain kinetic energy from outside the ring hammer and rush towards the crushing plate at high speed. It is subjected to a second crushing and then falls onto the sieve plate. It is further crushed by the shearing, squeezing, grinding of the ring hammer and the interaction between materials, and is discharged through the sieve holes. Sundries that cannot be broken enter the metal collector and are regularly removed. What is the price of a large ring hammer crusher at Ring hammer crusher(图1)? According to different models and production, the price range of large ring hammer crushers varies. The price of low production large ring hammer crushers ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, but the price of high production and high standard large ring hammer crushers is around several million. Jinqiang PCH ring hammer crusher manufacturer sells directly from stock, making delivery more timely. This means that the equipment you buy is much cheaper than intermediaries, and after-sales service will be safer. The specific price of the large ring hammer crusher is welcome to inquire online, as well as more relevant information. The technical manager will answer for you. Jinhang Mining, a manufacturer of PCH ring hammer crushers, is a large-scale manufacturer of ring hammer crushers. We have been specializing in the production of equipment for PCH ring hammer crushers for over 10 years, with an excellent research and development team to create high standard and high-quality equipment for PCH ring hammer crushers. The company's production of ring hammer crusher equipment has long service life, durability, simple operation, uniform particle size of finished products, and few overfilling phenomena Advantages such as low energy consumption.

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