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6s shaking table

6s shaking table

The 6S shaking table is one of the key mechanical equipment for gravity beneficiation. The 6S shaking table equipment for beneficiation is commonly used to separate non-ferrous and precious metal mines such as tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, chromium, titanium, bismuth, lead, gold, etc. The 6S shaking table equipment for beneficiation can also be used in the coal mining industry. It can be used for different work such as coarse selection, optimization and sweeping, and can be used to separate coarse sand (2-0.5mm), fine sand (0.5-0.074mm), mineral mud (-0.074), etc. with different particle size distribution. The 6s shaking table equipment for beneficiation can also be used to separate iron, manganese ore, and coal. When solving the problem of tungsten, tin and other iron ores, the reasonable purchase particle size distribution range of 6s ore dressing shaker equipment is 2-0.022mm. 6s摇床(图1) The whole process of the concentrator of the 6s ore dressing shaking table equipment is carried out on the surface of a slanted bed with multiple strips. The ore particles are fed from the ore feeding trough at the corner of the bed surface, and at the same time, the stainless steel water tank is provided with horizontal cleaning water. Therefore, under the effect of the inertial force and sliding friction caused by the force of the ore particles, the impact force of the horizontal water flow, and the reciprocating fitness exercise of the bed body, the distribution of the particles is divided into different levels according to the proportion and particle size, And perform vertical fitness exercises along the bed and horizontal fitness exercises along the tilted bed. Therefore, ore particles with different proportion and particle size distribution slowly flow down from side A to side B in fan shape along their respective fitness movement directions, and are discharged from different areas at the titanium concentrate end and the tailings pond side respectively, and are finally divided into titanium concentrate, middling and tailings pond. The glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion equipment of the 6s摇床(图2)6s mineral processing shaker has high silver ore ratio, high sorting efficiency, and is very easy to take care of, which is conducive to adjusting the four stroke. By changing the horizontal inclination and four stroke, the bed can still maintain balanced operation. The bullet yellow is placed on the box body, with a compact structure, and the final titanium concentrate and tailings pond can be obtained successively.

Advantages and Characteristics of 6s Mineral Processing Shaker Equipment

1. High utilization rate and high aggregation ratio;

The 26s beneficiation shaker equipment is easy to install and practical operation is simple;

3 fiberglass anti-corrosion bed bodies, seven different bed bodies to choose from;

The service life of the 4 ore dressing 6s shaking table equipment is long. 6s摇床(图3)

6s摇床(图4)6s摇床(图5)6s shaking table(图6)

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