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Overflow type ball mill

Overflow type ball mill

Overflow type ball mill is a type of ball mill that uses the basic principle of overflow to make the coal slurry surface in the cylinder reach the standard level higher than the plan of the feeding port and naturally flow down. It is also a common wet ball mill machine equipment in the work of mineral processing plants. Overflow ball mills are also commonly used in the production and manufacturing fields of concrete, aluminosilicate products, new building decoration materials, refractory and thermal insulation materials, Manure, gray black and rare metal concentrators and glass ceramics.

The large mining wet overflow ball mill adopts a rolling bearing installation structure, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving by 10-20% compared to traditional piston pin structures. Large mining wet overflow ball mill equipment has a low failure rate, reduces maintenance time, and is easy to lubricate and repair. The structure of large mine wet overflow ball mill is mainly composed of Ryakuji, bearing end cover, main rolling bearing, hollow motor shaft, rotating part and ore feeder. The working principle of a large wet overflow type ball mill for mining purposes is that the cylinder is welded with a thin 15-36mm thick steel plate by electric welding. The flange pieces produced by casting steel are welded on both sides of the cylinder section, and the bearing end covers 2 and 3 are connected to the flange pieces with anchor bolts. The two require precise mechanical processing and mutual coordination. Due to the installation of a hollow motor shaft of powder mill quality, it is welded to the bearing end cover. There are 1-2 manhole openings on the cylinder section for maintenance and replacement of the jaw plate. The inner part of the cylinder section and bearing end cover is laid with a jaw plate 5. The hollow motor shaft on the bearing end cover is supported on the main rolling bearing 4. The common type of main rolling bearing is rolling bearing, which has a very large diameter but a very short length. The piston pin is cast with babbitt alloy, which differs from ordinary rolling bearings in that it only has a piston pin on the lower half. All rolling bearings are made of pig iron, except for the piston pin, which is cast with babbitt metal. Because the span and load of the ball mill are very large, it will produce a certain level of tensile strain, and the deviation of production, manufacturing and installation cannot ensure the accurate coaxiality, so the main rolling bearing is made into a fully automatic self-aligning rolling bearing. To avoid the piston pin Dominant seventh chord being too large and sliding down from the bearing with a seat, a cylindrical nut is placed between the surface of the bearing with a seat and the piston pin. Installation precautions for large mining wet overflow ball mills: 1. The equipment for large mining wet overflow ball mills should be installed on a level concrete foundation and fixed with foundation screws. 2. When installing large mining wet overflow ball mills, attention should be paid to the vertical alignment of the main body and level. 3. After the installation of a large mining wet overflow ball mill, check whether the anchor bolts at each position are loose and whether the server compartment door is tightened. If necessary, come and tighten it. 4. The driving force of large mining wet overflow ball mill equipment is equipped with power plugs and automatic switches. 5. After the inspection is completed, carry out an empty load trial run. Once everything is normal during the trial run, production and manufacturing can begin. 溢流型球磨机(图1)


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