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Introduction to the characteristics of drum wet magnetic separator

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Introduction to the characteristics of drum wet magnetic separator

The wet magnetic separator, also known as the drum wet magnetic separator, is suitable for the magnetic separation production of Magnetite, Pyrrhotite, roasted ore, Ilmenite, coal, non-metallic ore and other materials with particle size less than 3mm. The wet magnetic separator produced by our company uses high-performance domestic magnetic materials and is designed using professional magnetic focusing principles, achieving the ideal magnetic separation effect in China at present. 筒式湿式磁选机的特点介绍(图1) 1. Large processing capacity: The wet magnetic separator adopts a wrapped open magnetic system, which does not agglomerate materials and has no blockage phenomenon. Therefore, the processing capacity is large, and a single primary separator can process more than 50 tons of raw ore. It can also be used in parallel with multiple machines, which can increase production by multiple times. 2. Energy conservation and consumption reduction: Following the concept of chemical recovery based on the different magnetic properties of minerals can effectively reduce production costs, reduce consumption, and increase the economic benefits of the beneficiation plant. The wet magnetic separator mainly consists of six parts: a cylinder, a roller, a brush roller, a magnetic system, a groove, and a transmission part. The cylinder is made of 2-3mm stainless steel plate rolled and welded, and the end cover is made of cast aluminum or workpieces, connected to the cylinder with stainless steel screws. The motor drives the cylinder, magnetic roller, and brush roller to rotate through a reducer or directly using a stepless speed control motor. The magnetic system of the wet magnetic separator is an open type magnetic system, installed inside a cylinder, with all magnetic exposed. The magnetic block is installed on the bottom plate of the magnetic yoke with stainless steel bolts, and the shaft of the magnetic yoke extends out of the cylinder. The shaft end is fixed with a rotating arm. Pulling the rotating arm can adjust the magnetic declination angle, and after proper adjustment, it can be fixed with a pull rod. The working area of the tank body is made of stainless steel plates, and the frame and other parts of the tank body are welded with ordinary steel. After the ore slurry of 筒式湿式磁选机的特点介绍(图2) flows into the tank through the ore feeding box, the ore particles are loose and enter the feeding area of the tank under the action of the water flow of the ore spraying pipe. Under the action of a magnetic field, magnetic ore particles undergo magnetic agglomeration, forming magnetic clusters or chains. The magnetic clusters or chains are moved towards the magnetic poles in the slurry and adsorbed on the cylinder. Due to the alternating polarity of the magnetic poles arranged along the rotation direction of the cylinder, they are fixed during operation. When the magnetic cluster or magnetic chain rotates with the cylinder, magnetic stirring occurs due to the alternating magnetic poles. Non magnetic minerals such as gangue mixed in the magnetic cluster or magnetic chain fall off during the rotation process, and the magnetic cluster or magnetic lotus sucked into the surface of the cylinder is the concentrate. The concentrate is transferred with the cylinder to a location with weak magnetic force at the edge of the magnetic system, and is discharged into the concentrate tank under the action of the flushing water jet from the unloading water pipe. If it is a fully magnetic roller, use a brush roller to unload the ore. Non magnetic or weakly magnetic minerals remain in the slurry and are discharged into the tailings tank along with the slurry. Our company is a professional manufacturer of wet magnetic separators, suitable for a wide range of materials. If you need to purchase a wet magnetic separator, you can contact us, and we will have professional technical personnel to serve you and provide you with a discounted quotation for the wet magnetic separator!

Introduction to the characteristics of drum wet magnetic separator
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