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Industrial types and requirements of manganese ore

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Industrial types and requirements of manganese ore

Manganese is widely used in industrial production, so the development of manganese resources is also very important. Most manganese ores in the world are concentrated in South Africa, the Soviet Union, Australia, Brazil and India. China has abundant manganese ore reserves, providing a superior material foundation for industrial development. The industrial types and requirements of manganese ore can be divided into carbonate manganese ore and oxidized manganese ore. China has abundant carbonate manganese ore resources, accounting for approximately 57% of the total manganese ore reserves. Manganese ore can be divided into two categories based on industrial use: metallurgy and chemical industry. Approximately 92% of the world's manganese is used in the production of the steel industry. With the development of the steel industry, the demand for manganese ore is gradually increasing. With the development and application of manganese ore becoming less and less, more and more lean manganese ore is being mined. Therefore, the beneficiation operation of poor manganese ore has also attracted attention from various countries and has developed rapidly in recent years. For ores with simple raw ore composition and coarse embedded particle size, qualified concentrates can be obtained through washing, screening, gravity separation, and magnetic separation. For lean manganese ore with complex composition and fine embedded particle size, a combined beneficiation method of general beneficiation method and special beneficiation method (mainly chemical method) is required to obtain high-grade manganese concentrate. At present, manganese ore beneficiation methods include gravity separation (mainly jigging and shaking bed separation), heavy medium high intensity magnetic separation, roasting high intensity magnetic separation, single high intensity magnetic separation, flotation, and joint beneficiation methods including several methods. 锰矿的工业类型和工业要求(图1) Manganese ore is a weakly magnetic mineral, which is very different from Magnetic susceptibility and gangue minerals. Therefore, the strong magnetic separation process of manganese ore plays an important role in the selection of manganese ore. The dry high intensity magnetic separator processed manganese ore earlier, but the disadvantage of the dry high intensity magnetic separator is that it cannot choose manganese ore embedded with fine particles. In recent years, various wet high intensity magnetic separators have developed rapidly and are increasingly used to select ores with a thickness of 0-0.5mm or even finer. Therefore, magnetic separation treatment of manganese ore has broad prospects. Carbonate manganese ore is a simple and coarsely embedded carbonate manganese ore and oxidized manganese ore, which have achieved good indicators in production using a single high intensity magnetic separation process. Although China has abundant manganese ore resources, there are relatively few rich ore resources, mainly poor manganese ore. It has the characteristics of more acidic ore, less alkaline ore, more high phosphorus and high iron ore, and less low phosphorus and low iron ore. Therefore, the manganese ore beneficiation operation is difficult and the process complexity increases. In response to the above issues, China has increased its efforts in the development of magnetic separation equipment and has withdrawn various strong magnetic separators, achieving good results in the manganese ore magnetic separation process.

锰矿的工业类型和工业要求(图2) Industrial types and requirements of manganese ore
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