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magnetic separator

The iron ore dry magnetic separator is a beneficiation equipment manufactured by Jinqiang. The iron ore dry magnetic separator can be used for the magnetic separation equipment of minerals with particle size distribution below 3mm. The iron ore dry magnetic separator is used for various raw materials such as refractory insulation materials, chemical raw materials, grain and oil machinery, wear-resistant materials, porcelain, metallurgical industry, iron ore, and other iron removal applications. The dry type strong magnetic separator for iron ore generally has the characteristics of high purity, low maintenance rate, low energy consumption, and convenient practical operation.

There are various types of iron minerals, with over 300 discovered iron minerals and iron containing minerals, among which more than 170 are common. However, under today's technical standards, Magnetite, Hematite, magnetite Hematite, Ilmenite, Limonite and Siderite are mainly valuable for industrial production and application. 干式磁选机(图1) The raw ore sand screened by the iron ore is added from the upper end of the iron ore dry magnetic separator by the feeder, and it falls loose when flowing into the upper side of the barrel. The iron containing raw material with Magnetite quickly falls into the barrel and is absorbed on the surface of the barrel section due to the combined effect of force and magnetism. Non magnetic raw materials that do not contain iron fall on the outer edge of magnetic raw materials due to the effectiveness of force. This type of raw material is accompanied by the rotation of the cylinder section, and the non-magnetic raw material falls off the cylinder section under the effect of the force, and is discharged in the flow channel. The magnetic raw materials containing iron are sucked onto the surface of the cylinder and rotated again until the non magnetic parts fall off by their own weight and are discharged by the belt conveyor. Finally, the compound material is divided into two commodities: iron containing and non iron containing raw materials, one is titanium concentrate; The second is the tailings pond. Based on the characteristics of iron ore minerals, a magnetic system design scheme with small pole spacing and multiple alternating magnetic fields can be selected, which can reasonably avoid mechanical equipment interference throughout the entire process of the beneficiation plant, and the optimization effect is very good. 2. High magnetic flux models and specifications should use plastic anti-static tweezers and permanent magnet materials as magnetic components to ensure the electromagnetic field index value during the operation of iron ore dry magnetic separator machinery and equipment, and improve the utilization rate of strong magnetic minerals. 3. The screening drum of the iron ore dry magnetic separator is made of stainless steel and has been uniquely solved. The screening drum is not easily replaceable and has a long service life. 4. The theme of the iron ore dry magnetic separator is a movable pickling tank, which conveniently adjusts the spacing between the magnetic drum and the pickling tank, thereby adjusting the grade of titanium concentrate and the output of machinery and equipment. Jinqiang Mining Equipment, a manufacturer of large and medium-sized iron ore dry magnetic separators, is a mining company dominated by mining machinery and equipment. Jinqiang medium-sized iron ore dry magnetic separator is led by the iron ore dry strong magnetic separator, carefully planned according to customer satisfaction, reliable quality, large raw material output, and high magnetic flux. 干式磁选机(图2)

干式磁选机(图3)干式磁选机(图4)干式磁选机(图5)magnetic separator (图6)

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