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SF flotation machine Product display/Product display

SF flotation machine

SF flotation machine

SF flotation machine is used to separate rare metals, Light metal, precious metals, mining enterprises and chemical raw materials, and purchase effective minerals. The SF flotation machine model has the following characteristics: large breathing capacity and low functional loss. Each tank has a triple function of respiration, slurry suction, and flotation reagents, creating a flotation reagent control circuit without the need for all auxiliary machinery and equipment. The level equipment is conducive to step changes. The coal slurry circulation system is effective and can minimize coarse sand deposition. Equipped with automatic control equipment for coal slurry surface, easy to adjust. The centrifugal impeller contains left and right blades that tilt backwards. The upper leaf causes the upper circulation system of coal slurry, while the lower leaf causes the lower circulation system of coal slurry. SF浮选机(图1)

When the centrifugal impeller of SF flotation machine rotates, the coal slurry in the left and right centrifugal impeller cavities is thrown around due to the Centripetal force caused by the effect of the left and right leaves, resulting in a negative pressure zone in the left and right centrifugal impeller cavities. At the same time, the coal slurry at the upper end of the rear cover plate is sucked into the upper centrifugal impeller cavity through the circulation system hole on the rear cover plate, creating a coal slurry upper circulation system. When the lower leaf throws coal slurry around, the lower coal slurry fills the management center, which creates a lower circulation system for coal slurry. And the gas is sucked into the upper centrifugal impeller chamber through the breathing tube and management center tube, mixed with the coal slurry sucked in, generating many fine bubbles. According to the pressure reducing and stabilizing valve on the rear cover plate, it evenly diffuses in the tank, generating acidified bubbles. The acidified bubble is raised to the foam plastic layer and scraped out by the scraper. SF浮选机(图2)

Structural characteristics of SF flotation machine model

1. The centrifugal impeller contains two backward inclined leaves, which can complete the tank coal slurry Round-robin;

There is a large gap between the centrifugal impeller and the rear cover plate, resulting in a large breathing capacity;

3. The centrifugal impeller has low circular speed and long service life of spare parts;

4. The front stretching pickling tank has a small blind area, and the foam plastic fitness exercise speed is faster. SF浮选机(图3)

Model characteristics of SF flotation machine

1. High respiratory volume and low energy consumption;

2. Long service life of spare parts;

Beneficial for flotation of coarse-grained minerals.

SF flotation machine(图4)

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