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Flotation machine

Flotation machine


Mineral processing flotation machine equipment refers to industrial equipment that performs the entire process of flotation reagents. In the flotation machine equipment for mineral processing, the coal slurry treated with drugs is mixed and aerated to selectively contact and suppress some ore particles above the steam bubbles; Float to the surface of coal slurry and scrape it out to produce foamed plastic products, while some are stored in coal slurry to achieve the goal of separating minerals. There are many structural forms of flotation equipment for mineral processing, with the most common being mechanical stirring flotation equipment for mineral processing.


The flotation equipment for beneficiation is mainly used to separate copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other rare metals. The flotation equipment for beneficiation can also be used for the roughing and optimization of Light metal and non-metallic materials.

operational principle

The coal particles on the bottom of the tank that have not been acidified will be mixed, acidified, and separated again according to the circulation system hole and upper water inlet. The portion of coal slurry that has not been sucked in by the centrifugal impeller at the bottom of the trough is fed into the trough of the second chamber according to the submerged intermediate ore box in the coal slurry. After all the processes in the first chamber are completed, it enters the third chamber. The beneficiation and flotation equipment cycles back and forth, and the coal slurry is fed into the tailings pond box according to the last chamber before being discharged into the final tailings pond. It is a key machine and equipment that cannot be omitted in the beneficiation production line.

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