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Beneficiation shaker Product display/Product display

Beneficiation shaker

Beneficiation shaker

The mineral processing shaker equipment is mainly used in various non-ferrous metal mines. Especially for various non-ferrous metal mines, it can exert its miraculous effect. The equipment of the beneficiation shaker manufacturer can select, re select, and select various non-ferrous metals below 2mm. Over the years, mining production practice has shown that the equipment performance of Jiangxi beneficiation shaker manufacturers is stable, with high beneficiation efficiency, stable operation, low noise, and convenient use and maintenance. 选矿摇床(图1)

Structure and materials of equipment from Jiangxi beneficiation shaker manufacturer:

The gold ore beneficiation equipment shaker mainly consists of three parts: bed surface, bed head, and sliding machine. The surface of the bed includes the bed frame, feed chute, etc. The bed surface is divided into coarse sand bed surface and flat bed surface. Choose the appropriate bed surface according to different beneficiation particle sizes and concentrations. Support the bed surface with a sliding device, connect the bed surface with a hook at the head of the bed, and under the push of the head of the bed, make the bed surface undergo reciprocating movement for beneficiation. The bedside system uses an eccentric shaft to drive the eccentric roller to push the rocker arm, such as the rocker arm fork pushing the connecting head screw, thereby causing the screw to move back and forth. The bearing system adopts ZQ_ The sliding bearing made of communication5 material has the characteristics of flexible rotation and low noise. The sliding equipment part is mainly used to adjust the slope required for the beneficiation equipment, and the slope support plate is adjusted by the handwheel to generate a slope on the bed surface. The hardness of Yunnan tin shaker material with Mohs scale hardness of 9 is only lower than that of diamond Mohs scale hardness of 10. 选矿摇床(图2)

The application scope of gold ore beneficiation equipment shaking table:

Optional for re selection and selection of various non-ferrous metals below 2mm. After several years of mining production practice, it has been proven that the equipment performance of the beneficiation shaker manufacturer is stable, the beneficiation efficiency is high, stable, low noise, and easy to use and maintain. 选矿摇床(图3)

选矿摇床(图4)选矿摇床(图5)选矿摇床(图6)Beneficiation shaker(图7)

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