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Single disk magnetic separator Product display/Product display

Single disk magnetic separator

Single disk magnetic separator

The single disk magnetic separator is a dry type strong magnetic separator. Its characteristics are: electromagnetic field strength, large output, suitable for screening and optimization of manganese ore, Ilmenite, high tin tungsten ore, Rutile, garnet, tantalum niobium ore, Chromite, rare earth ore, monazite, zircon, non-metallic material iron removal and weak magnetic minerals. 单盘磁选机(图1)

1、 Structural characteristics of single disk magnetic separator

1. The single disk magnetic separator has stable characteristics, strong adaptability, and is easy to install, operate, and maintain.

2. The server is composed of feeding part, transmission system part and electromagnetic field part.

3. The electronic control system consists of a switching power supply, control, rectifier, and a part of the working label. 单盘磁选机(图2)

2、 Operating steps and common problems of a single disk magnetic separator:

1. Dry raw materials are screened and loaded into the feeding bin. Particle size distribution regulations≤ 2mm

2. Adjust the working clearance of hard disk according to mineral separation, particle size distribution and regulations of concentrator

3. Close the knife switch of the single disk magnetic separator to supply the switch power to the control panel

4. Turn on the motor and electromagnetic field power switch of the single disk magnetic separator. Adjust the AC voltage regulator to the appropriate flow rate

5. Open the feeding gate valve to evenly distribute the raw materials onto the conveyor belt

6. Terminate feeding before shutting down the single disk magnetic separator

7. Common practical problems: 单盘磁选机(图3)

① The raw materials contain magnetic minerals for a short time, and the feeding layer should be thinner to improve utilization efficiency; When there are many magnetic mineral components, the feeding layer can be thicker

② When the gap between the hard disks of a single disk magnetic separator is fixed during operation, changing the current size can adjust the magnetization intensity; When the current is constant, changing the current size can adjust the magnetization intensity; When the flow is constant, adjusting the gap during the operation of the hard drive can adjust the magnetization intensity

③ The single disk magnetic separator solves the problems of minerals with strong magnetic field and soft electromagnetic field, and solves the problems of minerals with weak magnetic field and extremely strong electromagnetic field for scanning work

④ The size of the clearance in hard disk operation depends on the particle size distribution of the raw materials to be solved and the working regulations; When solving coarse levels, it should be larger, and when solving fine levels, it should be smaller; Reduce the time and space gap during scanning to improve utilization, and increase the gap during optimization to enhance the selection of separated products and enhance the taste of magnetic products. However, at the same time, increase the current to compensate for the reduced magnetization caused by increasing the gap during operation

⑤ When the single disk magnetic separator is working, do not use special tools and objects for strong magnets near the magnetic system

Single disk magnetic separator(图4)Single disk magnetic separator(图5)

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