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Heavy hammer crusher

Heavy hammer crusher

The heavy hammer crusher crushes raw materials through the rapid rotation of the cone and the impact of raw materials. The heavy hammer crusher has the characteristics of simple structure, high crushing ratio, and high productivity, and can be used for dry and wet crushing. The heavy hammer crusher is suitable for crushing medium strength and ductility raw materials in mining, concrete, coal, metallurgical industry, decorative building materials, roads, combustion and other units. The clearance of castor bar can be adjusted according to the customer's regulations, and the feed particle size distribution can be changed to meet the different requirements of different customers.

The working principle of the heavy hammer crusher is that the main component of the heavy hammer crusher is the motor rotor containing a hammer head (also known as the hammer head). The motor rotor is composed of spindle bearings, circular discs, shaft pins, and hammer heads. The motor drives the motor rotor to run at high speed in the crushing chamber. The raw materials are fed into the machine body from the upper feeding port, and are shattered due to the severe impact, impact, cutting, and grinding effects of the fast fitness hammer. At the lower side of the motor rotor, there is a grate plate. The particle size distribution of the crushed raw materials that is lower than the size of the round hole sieve is discharged according to the grate plate. The coarse particle size distribution that exceeds the size of the round hole sieve is retained on the grate plate and is subjected to the severe blow and grinding of the hammer again. The main machine is discharged according to the grate plate. Advantages of the 重锤式破碎机(图1) heavy hammer crusher: 1. The use of novel hammer heads with high impact force; 2. Adjustable hammer shaft installation, long hammer head life; 3. The grid data specification of the heavy hammer crusher is adjustable, the commodity particle size distribution is controllable, and the particles look good; 4. Square handle anchor bolts, resistant to impact and wear; 5. The heavy hammer crusher has a compact structure and strong equipment stiffness. What is the price of a heavy hammer crusher at 重锤式破碎机(图2)? According to different models and production, the price range of heavy hammer crushers varies. The price of low production heavy hammer crushers ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, but the price of high production and high standard large heavy hammer crushers is around several million. The manufacturer of Jinqiang heavy hammer crushers sells directly from stock, providing more timely delivery. This means that the equipment you buy is much cheaper than intermediaries, and after-sales service will be safer. The specific price of the heavy hammer crusher is welcome to inquire online, as well as more relevant information. The technical manager will answer for you. 重锤式破碎机(图3) Heavy hammer crusher manufacturer Jinqiang Mining is a large-scale heavy hammer crusher manufacturer, specializing in the production of equipment for heavy hammer crusher manufacturers for more than 10 years. With an excellent research and development team, we create high standard and high-quality heavy hammer crusher manufacturer equipment. The heavy hammer crusher mining equipment produced by the company has a long service life, durability, simple operation, uniform particle size of the finished product, and few overfilling phenomena Advantages such as low energy consumption. 重锤式破碎机(图4)重锤式破碎机(图5)

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