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High frequency vibrating screen Product display/Product display

High frequency vibrating screen

High frequency vibrating screen

High frequency vibrating screen is used for dehydration of coal slime and tailings in coal mines. High frequency vibrating screen has a high vibration frequency to force the formation of material layers for dehydration. Our company produces high-frequency screens with two types of structures: upper vibration and lower vibration; The down vibration type is our company's original product, which has higher reliability and greatly facilitates user maintenance.

The 高频振动筛(图1) high-frequency vibrating screen adopts the principle of high frequency and low amplitude, which can not only break the tension on the surface of the pulp and the high-speed oscillation of fine materials on the screen surface, but also effectively increase the probability of materials smaller than the separation particle size coming into contact with the screen hole. Thus, it is easy to solve the screening of materials and slurry filtration in the mining field. The product features a block eccentric self synchronous vibrator. The use of tape elastic couplings and universal couplings to optimize the structural design of the transmission improves the reliability and working life of the entire machine. Precautions for maintenance of the high-frequency vibrating screen: 1. The vibrator connection of the high-frequency vibrating screen is made of high-strength bolts, and ordinary bolts are not allowed to replace it. 2. Where ring groove rivets are used, high-strength bolts are allowed to replace them, but all contact surfaces must be free of dust, oil, rust, iron filings, and burrs during replacement. 3. The high-strength bolts, nuts, and washers used must meet the requirements of the "Technical Conditions for High Strength Large Hexagon Bolts, Nuts, and Washers for Steel Structures". When connecting, the torque should meet the following requirements: 4. To prevent internal stress caused by welding, it is generally not allowed to weld any auxiliary components of the high-frequency linear vibrating screen on site. When welding is necessary, it should be carried out by skilled workers with higher welding skills.


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