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Mine vibrating screen

Mine vibrating screen

The large-scale mining vibrating screen equipment adopts excellent technical and self synchronous vibration principles from various countries around the world, such as vibration motor excitation, rubber shock absorber shock absorption, ultra wear-resistant material grate plate, and closed screen box. The large-scale mining vibrating screen equipment has the characteristics of long service life, low noise, high screening efficiency, and high efficiency. The large-scale mining vibrating screen equipment is a type of vibrating screen equipment suitable for pellets, natural minerals, coke, and other powdered raw materials. 矿用振动筛(图1)

Large mining vibrating screen equipment is mainly used in the metallurgical industry, mining, coal, decorative building materials, power engineering, chemical plants and other fields, especially in the industry where the main purpose is more common. Large mining vibrating screen equipment is a common screening machine used in iron making blast furnace trough, coking, and mining plants. Large mining vibrating screens can be divided into: high-efficiency and ultra-heavy screens, customized management center vibrating screens, elliptical vibrating screens, vibrating screens, circular vibrating screens, banana screens, parallel line vibrating screens, etc. The characteristics and advantages of the equipment of the heavy vibrating screen manufacturer for mining: 1. It has a large working ability and high screening efficiency. 2. The shaker adopts a rolling bearing with thin oil lubrication and an externally mounted block axial force structure. The equipment of the mining heavy-duty vibrating screen manufacturer has characteristics such as high excitation force, small rolling bearing load, low temperature, and low noise. (The temperature rise of rolling bearings is less than 35 ° C.). 3. The overall disassembly, maintenance, and replacement of the vibrator are convenient, greatly shortening the maintenance cycle time. It only takes 1-2 hours to remove and replace the vibrator. 4. The screening machine baffle adopts the entire PCB circuit board for cold working, no welding, high compressive strength, and long service life. The connection between the load-bearing beam and the baffle is made with high-strength bolts that resist torsion and shear, without welding, and the load-bearing beam is easy to disassemble and replace. 5. The equipment of the mining heavy-duty vibrating screen manufacturer adopts rubber shock absorbers for shock absorption, which have advantages such as low noise, long service life, stability through the common vibration zone, and small dynamic load at each support point of the screen machine compared to metal torsion springs. 6. The connection between the motor and the rapper adopts a flexible coupling, which has the advantages of long service life and low impact on the motor. This series of large-scale mining vibrating screen equipment products are widely used in the classification of coal, metallurgical industry, hydropower engineering, mining, decorative building materials, chemical plants, power engineering, transportation, seaports and other fields. Mine vibrating screen(图2)

矿用振动筛(图3)矿用振动筛(图4)矿用振动筛(图5)Mine vibrating screen(图6)

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