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Grading drum screen Product display/Product display

Grading drum screen

Grading drum screen

The grading roller screen is a common machine equipment in the production and manufacturing of compound fertilizer. The grading roller screen is used to separate the finished products from the returned materials, and can also complete the grading of the finished products, so that the finished products can be evenly classified. The grading drum screen adopts an integral stainless steel mesh, which is conducive to maintenance and replacement. The grading drum screen equipment has a simple structure, convenient practical operation, and stable operation. 分级滚筒筛(图1)

The drum type grading screen equipment is a relay operated vibrating screen, which is a new generation of self cleaning material professional equipment after the universal mesh structure vibrating screen produced and manufactured by major enterprises in China. The drum type grading screen equipment is generally suitable for screening various solid raw materials with particle sizes below 300mm. The drum type grading screen equipment has high screening efficiency, low noise, low dust emission on construction sites, long service life, and small maintenance volume With numerous features such as convenient maintenance, its screening capacity ranges from 60 tons/hour to 1000 tons/hour. The development and utilization of power plants led by igniting fake and inferior coal (with the key being circulating system fluidized bed boilers) is rapidly prevalent in China. Natural materials dominated by coal mining industry stones and coal powder generally have characteristics such as stickiness, wetness, dirt, and impurities. Coal conveying system software generally has problems such as blocked screening equipment, low screening efficiency, large damage to pulverizers, and high energy consumption. The large drum type grading screen equipment, due to its unique structural characteristics, thoroughly and reasonably solves the defects existing in other forms of screening equipment, and is the preferred screen type for the development and utilization of power plants

The equipment of the drum grading screen manufacturer consists of an electric motor, a reducer, a drum rolling equipment, a sound card frame, a lock cover, and a material inlet and outlet. The equipment of the drum grading screen manufacturer is installed askew on the sound card rack. The motor is connected to the barrel equipment through a reducer and a coupling, pushing the barrel equipment to rotate around its centerline. The website of the 分级滚筒筛(图2) classification drum screen provides information on drum classification screen equipment | Drum classification screen manufacturer information. For more information on the pricing of classification drum screens and drum classification screen equipment, as well as the principles of drum classification screen manufacturers, please consult Jinqiang Mining Equipment. The manufacturer sells directly, and the price is excellent and affordable. Welcome to purchase. 分级滚筒筛(图3)

分级滚筒筛(图4)分级滚筒筛(图5)Grading drum screen(图6)

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