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Wet rod mill

Wet rod mill

Wet rod mills have a significant influence in rod mills, comparable to dry rod mills, but also have certain differences from wet overflow rod mills. The rod mill barrel also has some round steel support points, and the ore discharge port is relatively large. The overall design is high-precision and effective, and it is currently used in mining, chemical plants, engineering and construction fields. 湿式棒磨机(图1)

The principle of the wet rod mill is based on the round steel support point of the cylinder body, and then the motor drives the hobbing of the rod mill to rotate. Then the grinding material is raised to a certain height width ratio according to the Centripetal force and sliding friction force, and then thrown down. Then the grinding chemical material is added from the outside of the machine equipment, and the grinding material in the cylinder is removed from the body according to this energy. The wet rod mill, like other machinery and equipment, also has a jaw plate, but the difference is that the jaw plate of the rod mill is mostly wave shaped, trapezoidal or wedge-shaped. Manufacturers with high cost-effectiveness in Eban: According to different mining methods, wet grinding machines can be divided into management center mining (overflow type) and nearby mining (open mouth type). The former is widely used, while the latter has ceased production and manufacturing. The diameter of the hollow motor shaft at the discharge end is much larger than that of wet overflow rod mills of the same specification model. Wet overflow rod mills are designed to better reduce the level of coal slurry and accelerate the speed of coal slurry according to the rod mill speed. The discharge port of large and medium-sized rod mills can reach 1200Mm. The price of a large wet rod mill is influenced by various factors such as the manufacturer, specifications, quality, region, and market demand of the large wet rod mill equipment. The price of a large wet rod mill generally varies. Different manufacturers of large wet rod mills have different product performance and quality, and the prices of large wet overflow rod mills also vary. Therefore, customers must purchase equipment from reputable manufacturers when purchasing large-scale wet rod mills. Jinqiang Mining has over 10 years of experience in mining equipment manufacturing, and produces large wet rod mills at affordable prices. Welcome to consult and purchase. 湿式棒磨机(图2)


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