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Permanent magnet machine Product display/Product display

Permanent magnet machine

Permanent magnet machine

The permanent magnet iron remover is a new type of permanent magnet machine developed with the development of rare earth technology in China. China has a wide range of rare earth resources, and the development and application of various rare earth permanent magnet materials are quite fast. Permanent magnet iron removers can be divided into four types according to the method of iron unloading: plate type manual iron unloading, manual iron unloading, belt type automatic iron unloading, and flipping plate type iron unloading. Permanent magnet iron removers also have pipeline type, grid type, grid frame type, channel type, permanent magnet drum, and drum type permanent magnet machines.

The 永磁机(图1) permanent magnet iron throwing machine, also known as the suspended iron separator, is a magnetic separation device with a simple structure, convenient use, reliable operation, and good efficiency. The permanent magnet iron throwing machine is mainly used in various belt conveyors, hanging at the material falling point to achieve the purpose of iron selection. The permanent magnet iron throwing machine is used for iron removal in the cement industry, coal used in the chemical industry, small mines, building materials, wood processing, building sand treatment, and other materials, and can ensure the smooth progress of the next process. The 永磁机(图2) permanent magnet machine does not require continuous excitation, has no power consumption, and its magnetic system does not require energy and cooling system. It has a compact and simple structure, light weight, small footprint, low manufacturing and operating costs, convenient operation and maintenance, and stable performance. The permanent magnet machine is an energy-saving, energy-saving, efficient, and low-cost device, and its development space is ideal. 永磁机(图3)

Permanent magnet machine(图4)

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