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Wet permanent magnet machine Product display/Product display

Wet permanent magnet machine

Wet permanent magnet machine

The hybrid wet permanent magnet separator is a wet magnetic separator designed for magnetic ore grinding before tailings are disposed. The composite magnetic system is composed of high magnetic rare earth magnet and general Ferrite core electromagnetic field. The hybrid wet permanent magnet machine has the characteristics of high magnetization, large gradient direction of electromagnetic field, deep efficiency of electromagnetic field, and difficult demagnetization.

The mixed wet permanent magnet machine equipment is suitable for a downstream type tank, suitable for selecting 20-0mm strong magnetic minerals and mixed minerals accompanied by small amounts of illusory or illusory minerals, to be able to discard qualified tailings before grinding. The selection of a large angle magnetic system and a permanent magnet wet magnetic separator can operate the overflow type tank, which can reasonably avoid the outflow of effective minerals and significantly reduce the grade of tailings storage. Characteristics of the 湿式永磁机(图1) hybrid wet permanent magnet separator: ● The permanent magnet wet magnetic separator is equipped with a feeding device for uniform material in the ore feeding box and a flushing water pipe for flushing raw material tap water. The combination of the two ensures that the raw material entering the tank is evenly distributed in the long and short directions of the drum; The inner surface of the permanent magnet wet magnetic separator slot and the outer surface of the magnetic drum are coated with wear-resistant layers to improve wear resistance and increase its service life; ● The Degree distribution diameter of the iron ore selected by the mixed wet permanent magnetic separator can reach 16mm, significantly exceeding the size distribution of 6mm selected by the ordinary downstream dry magnetic separator; The surface electromagnetic field of the magnetic drum can reach 700MT, and the magnetic material composition of the tailings pond is significantly reduced, which is 1-3% less than that of the general tailings disposal equipment; Magnetic wrap 138°, The entire sorting process has been extended, and the grade of titanium concentrate has increased by 2-4%; Maintain a certain aspect ratio of liquid level in the tank to provide water buoyancy for the entire process of ore particle washing and keep the ore particles in a loose state, improving utilization efficiency and titanium concentrate grade. 湿式永磁机(图2)

湿式永磁机(图3)Wet permanent magnet machine(图4)

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