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Strong magnetic machine

Strong magnetic machine

Introduction to Strong Magnetic Machines

A strong magnetic separator is a strong magnetic separation equipment used to screen weak magnetic minerals. The ultra strong magnetic separation equipment mainly consists of components such as excitation current switch power supply control cabinet, excitation current electromagnetic coil, magnetic yoke, pole head, magnetic induction roller, feeder, ore receiving slot, etc.

The strong magnetic machine is used for magnetic separation and recovery of rare earth ores. It can fully recover and utilize rare earth tailings that cannot be recovered by the disc magnetic separator and shaking table equipment, with a recovery rate of over 95%; It is used for magnetic separation of zircon, Rutile, niobium tantalum ores, and can achieve the purpose of magnetic separation at one time.

Strong magnetic machine application

The magnetic system of high intensity magnetic separation equipment and permanent magnetic machine equipment is made of high-quality Ferrite core raw materials or composite type with rare earth magnetic tile, and the average magnetic flux on the cylinder surface is 100~600MT. According to customer requirements, our company can provide various types of permanent magnet machines with different surface strengths such as forward flow, semi reverse flow, and reverse flow. The permanent magnet machine equipment has the characteristics of simple structure, large output, convenient practical operation, and easy maintenance.

The ultrahigh intensity magnetic separation equipment is suitable for wet test of Hematite, Limonite, manganese ore, Ilmenite and other raw materials with particle size distribution of less than 3 mm. The high intensity magnetic separation equipment is also used for iron removal of coal, mining enterprises, decorative building materials and other raw materials.

Jinqiang Mining Equipment specializes in the production of strong magnetic machines, strong magnetic separation equipment, and permanent magnetic machine equipment. The strong magnetic separation equipment and strong magnetic machine manufacturers produce direct sales, and the permanent magnetic machine equipment is affordable and provides complete services. Welcome to purchase.

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