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Three layer shaking table Product display/Product display

Three layer shaking table

Three layer shaking table

The three layer shaking table is one of the key mechanical equipment for gravity beneficiation in mining machinery. It is commonly used to separate tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, chromium, titanium, bismuth, lead, gold and other non-ferrous and precious metal mines, and can also be used in the coal mining industry. Suspended three-tier beneficiation shaker equipment can be used for different operations such as roughing, optimization and scavenging, and for sorting coarse sand (2-0.5mm), fine sand (0.5-0.074mm), mineral mud (-0.074), etc. with different particle size distribution. The Shicheng multi-layer shaking table equipment can also be used to separate iron, manganese ore, and coal. When solving the problem of tungsten, tin and other iron ores, the reasonable purchase particle size distribution range of the shaker is 2-0.022mm. 三层摇床(图1)

Advantages and Characteristics of Three Layer Shaker Manufacturer's Equipment

1. The bed structure of the inertia force bedroom is appropriate, and the vertical force is self phase. There is no vertical excitation force, so it does not cause vertical flutter. It can be installed on the concrete floor slab of high-rise residential buildings or on the support frame;

2 suspension structure, with minimal friction function loss, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and shock-absorbing, with no heavy base, fast and convenient installation;

3. The manufacturer's equipment for the suspended three-layer rocking bed adopts a wear-resistant layer of fiberglass anti-corrosion bed, which is wear-resistant, moisture-proof, anti cracking, anti-corrosion, with small deformation, less maintenance, and a long service life;

The 4 bed bodies are installed in layers on a unified bed board, which is easy to install and remove, improving the output of the enterprise's land occupation. Replacing different balance weights can change the four stroke of the shaking table;

5 The frequency converter is selected, which can easily change the stroke times to incorporate raw materials with different particle size distribution and characteristics. 三层摇床(图2)

The suspended three layer shaking table has a high silver ore ratio, high sorting efficiency, and is very easy to take care of, which is conducive to adjusting the four stroke. By changing the horizontal inclination and four stroke, the bed can still maintain balanced operation. The bullet yellow is placed on the box body, with a compact structure, and the final titanium concentrate and tailings pond can be obtained successively.

The key components of the Shicheng suspended three layer mineral processing shaker equipment include a bedroom bed, an electric motor, a slope adjuster, a bed body, a ore tank, a stainless steel water tank, a feeding system, and an air intake system.

The vertical repeated movement of the bed body of the Shicheng suspended three-layer mineral processing shaking table equipment is completed based on a crank connecting rod transmission mechanism. The motor drives the engine crankshaft through a large belt pulley driven by a synchronous belt, and the remote rod moves up and down for fitness. When the remote rod moves down for fitness, the elbow plate promotes the rear wheel and reciprocating rod to move back, causing the spring to shrink. The bed body is connected by a connecting seat and a reciprocating rod, so at this time, the bed body is also engaged in a backward fitness exercise. When the remote rod is used for upward fitness exercise, it is promoted by the stretching force of the spring yellow, and the bed body moves forward with the fitness exercise. During the exercise period, the angle between the elbow plates changes from large to small, and the horizontal movement rate of the elbow plate nodes changes from small to large. Therefore, the forward fitness exercise of the bed body changes from slow to fast. On the contrary, when the bed body reverses, it changes from fast to slow, leading to differential fitness exercise. This ensures that the raw materials on the bed surface move forward and undergo proportional screening.

三层摇床(图3)Three layer shaking table(图4)

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