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Grinding equipment

Grinding equipment

The grinding equipment is mainly applicable to various non combustible and explosive mineral resources and raw materials with grinding hardness below grade 9 and environmental humidity below 6% in decoration building materials, chemical plants, Manure, metallurgical industry, mining, refractory materials, porcelain, steel, Fossil fuel power station, coal and other fields. The particle size of finished products can be adjusted at will in the range of 30 mesh to 400 mesh.

The main classification of grinding equipment:

Grinding machine equipment, ball mill equipment, rod mill and other speed grinding equipment, in addition to feeder (vibration feeder), bucket elevator, belt conveyor, conveyor belt equipment, etc.

Application of grinding equipment:

More than 1000 kinds of raw materials, such as concrete, quartzite, marble, dolomite, plaster of paris, dolomite, limestone, high-purity graphite, fluorspar, silica sand, manganese ore, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, urea solution, electrolytic manganese metal, manganese nonferrous metals, coal, gangue brick, fly ash, zircon sand, feldspar, granite, potassium feldspar, natural marble, barite powder, porcelain, Laminated glass, can be ground and processed by grinding machines and equipment, The finished particle size of the grinding machine equipment can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range, with some materials reaching up to 600 mesh.

Equipment advantages:

Grinding equipment has high efficiency, low power consumption, small floor area, and low one-time investment. The air separation airflow of the grinding equipment is in the fan; Grinding shell; Cyclone separator; The circulating flow operation inside the fan results in less dust than the high-speed centrifugal crusher, and the operating workshop is clean and the environment is pollution-free.

Jinqiang Mining Equipment is a manufacturer of grinding equipment, grinding machine equipment, and ball mill equipment. The grinding equipment and grinding machine equipment produced by Jinqiang Mining Equipment are sold directly by manufacturers and have complete services. When choosing ball mill equipment, you can find Jinqiang Mining Equipment.

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