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Multi layer shaking table Product display/Product display

Multi layer shaking table

Multi layer shaking table

Multi layer shaking table is one of the important mechanical equipment for gravity beneficiation in mining equipment and machinery. Multi layer shaking table beneficiation equipment is widely used for separating tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, chromium, titanium, bismuth, lead, gold and other rare and precious metal mines, and can also be used in the coal mining industry. The suspended multilayer shaker can be used for coarse selection, selection, sweeping and other different work, to select coarse sand (2-0.5mm), fine sand (0.5-0.074mm), mineral mud (-0.074) and other different Particle size analysis. The Shicheng multi-layer shaking table beneficiation equipment can also be used to separate iron, manganese ore, and coal. When processing tungsten, tin and other iron ores, the effective recovery Particle size analysis range of the shaker is 2-0.022mm. 多层摇床(图1)

Advantages of multi-layer shaking table beneficiation equipment: 1. The bed structure of the inertia moment bedroom is appropriate, and the vertical interaction force is self phase. There is no vertical excitation force, so it does not cause vertical shaking. It can be installed on the concrete floor slab of high-rise buildings or located on a fixed bracket; 2. Suspended flat desktop structure, with minimal friction loss, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and shock-absorbing, basically without weight, and quick and flexible installation; 3. The suspension type multi-layer rocking bed beneficiation equipment adopts a glass steel plate bed with wear-resistant layer bed strips, which is wear-resistant, waterproof, anti cracking, corrosion-resistant, with small deformation, less maintenance, and a long application period; The 4-plate bed is installed in layers on a unified bed frame, making it easy to install and remove, improving the output rate of the company's floor area. Dismantling different counterweights can change the four stroke of the shaking table; 5 The frequency converter is adopted, which can easily change the stroke times to incorporate different Particle size analysis and characteristic raw materials. The 多层摇床(图2) suspension type multi-layer shaking table beneficiation equipment has high silver ore efficiency, high sorting efficiency, easy care, and is beneficial for adjusting the four stroke. When changing the cross slope and four stroke, the balance of the plate bed operation can still be maintained. The spring yellow is placed in the box body, with a compact structure, and can sequentially obtain the final titanium concentrate and the final mining. The multi-story rocking bed machine equipment in Shicheng is mainly composed of eight parts, including a bedroom bed, an electric motor, a slope adjuster, a plate bed, a mining trough, a stainless steel sink, a feeding strip, and an air inlet. The longitudinal continuous fitness movement of the Shicheng multi-layer rocking bed machine equipment is carried out based on a crank connecting rod transmission mechanism. The electric motor drives the large drive belt plate to promote the rotation of the crankshaft based on the chain transmission. The rocker controller is accompanied by upward and downward movements for fitness. When the rocker controller moves downward for fitness, the elbow plate pushes the rear tire and reciprocating rod backward, causing the spring yellow to decrease. The board bed is connected by a linkage seat and a reciprocating rod, so at this time, the board bed also moves backwards for fitness. When the joystick controller moves upwards for fitness, it is pushed forward by the bending and stretching force of the spring yellow, and the board bed moves forward for fitness. 多层摇床(图3)

Multi layer shaking table(图4)

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