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Intermittent ball mill

Intermittent ball mill

Intermittent ball mills play an important role in fields such as cement, silicate products, and building materials. Intermittent ball mills are commonly used equipment for grinding various materials. The equipment of intermittent ball mill manufacturers has many advantages and more distinct characteristics. Intermittent ball mills play an important role in mineral processing production lines.

Intermittent ball mills are currently in high demand in the mining industry: most ball mill equipment consists of five parts, and intermittent ball mills are no exception. They are mainly composed of cylindrical cylinders, end caps, bearings, and transmission large gear rings, each part of which is complementary and inseparable. Working principle: The intermittent ball mill manufacturer's equipment is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device, driven by external gears, with two compartments and a grid energy-saving ball mill. The material is evenly fed into the first warehouse of the mill through the empty shaft screw in the feeding device. There are stepped or corrugated lining plates in the warehouse, which contain steel balls of different specifications. The rotation of the cylinder generates centrifugal force, which brings the steel ball to a certain height and drops it, causing heavy blows and grinding to the material. After the material reaches rough grinding in the first bin, it enters the second bin through a single-layer partition board, which is embedded with a flat lining board and steel balls inside, for further grinding of the material. The powder is discharged through the discharge grate to complete the grinding operation. The grinding operation of an intermittent ball mill is carried out in a cylinder, and when the cylinder rotates, it is lifted and raised to a certain height. Due to the gravity of the steel ball itself, it ultimately falls along a certain orbit. The steel ball in this area is subjected to two forces: one is the force applied to the steel ball in the tangential direction during rotation; One is the force on the side that is proportional to the diameter of the steel ball and opposite to the aforementioned force. The generation of this force is caused by the downward sliding of the steel ball due to its own weight. The above two forces will form a couple of forces on the steel ball. Due to the steel ball being squeezed between the cylinder and adjacent steel balls, the couple will cause friction of different sizes between the steel balls. When the steel ball moves along the axis of the cylinder, it will be thrown from top to bottom from the area, producing a strong impact on the ore inside the cylinder and crushing it. Therefore, the ore in the barrel of the ball mill is mainly ground by grinding force, impact force, and squeezing force. The price of intermittent ball mills varies depending on the number of equipment required by customers and the scale of site planning. For more information, please consult Jinqiang Technical Manager for more detailed quotes on intermittent ball mills. 间歇式球磨机(图1) Intermittent Ball Mill Manufacturer Strength Jinqiang Mining is a manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in the production and processing of intermittent ball mill equipment. Our intermittent ball mill manufacturer has good equipment quality and has received praise and recognition from users. The price of intermittent ball mills is reasonable and affordable. Welcome users in need to consult and order equipment here! 间歇式球磨机(图2)


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