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Vertical ring magnetic separator Product display/Product display

Vertical ring magnetic separator

Vertical ring magnetic separator

The high gradient vertical ring magnetic separator is a new type of strong magnetic separator developed by our company based on the characteristics of domestic and foreign strong magnetic separators. The product of the high gradient vertical ring magnetic separator is the best performing and most advanced strong magnetic separation equipment at home and abroad. The high gradient vertical ring magnetic separator adopts a rotating ring vertical rotation, recoil concentrate, and is equipped with a high-frequency vibration mechanism, Fundamentally solving the global technical problem of easy blockage of magnetic media in flat ring strong magnetic separators and flat ring high gradient magnetic separators. It has the advantages of large enrichment ratio, strong adaptability to feed particle size, concentration, and grade fluctuations, reliable operation, and convenient operation and maintenance. The machine achieves the dual advantages of high concentrate grade and high recovery rate when sorting weakly magnetic ores. Characteristics of the 立环磁选机(图1) double vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator: 1. The vertical rotation of the rotating ring and the recoil of the concentrate overcome the problem of magnetic medium blockage in the flat ring strong magnetic separator, which has been an unsolved technical problem in recent decades at home and abroad The DLS series magnetic separator adopts a rotating ring vertical rotation method. For each group of magnetic media, the direction of washing the concentrate is opposite to the direction of feeding. Coarse particles can be washed out without passing through the magnetic media pile, effectively preventing blockage of the magnetic media. 2. Setting up a high-frequency vibration mechanism to drive the slurry to generate pulsating fluid force. Under the action of pulsating fluid force, the ore particles in the slurry are always in a loose state, which can improve the quality of magnetic concentrate. 3. The dual vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator has strict requirements for feed particle size. We have studied a unique magnetic system structure and optimized combination of magnetic media to achieve a maximum feed particle size of 2.0 millimeters for the DLS series magnetic separator, simplifying on-site grading operations and having a wider range of adaptability. 立环磁选机(图2) Application scope of double vertical ring high gradient magnetic separator Ferrous: recovery of pseudo Hematite, Hematite, Limonite, Siderite, Ilmenite, manganese ore, etc. Nonferrous metals: separation of Wolframite, garnet, etc. Rare metals; Recovery of tantalum Columbite, lepidolite, monazite, Xenotime and other minerals. Purification of non-metallic materials: quartz, feldspar, kaolin, refractory. 立环磁选机(图3)

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