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Belt magnetic separator

Belt magnetic separator

Belt type magnetic separators are more suitable for use in small mineral processing plants. Belt type magnetic separators have moderate processing capacity, simple installation, and convenient use, which can bring significant economic benefits to small mineral processing plants. In addition, flat belt type magnetic separators are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and do not impose excessive burden and pressure on resources, It is an environmentally friendly equipment. 带式磁选机(图1) 1. The magnetic system design of the flat belt magnetic separator has optimized the magnetic circuit of the separator using the most advanced design concepts and methods, and has a relatively reasonable magnetic field structure. The minimum processing capacity is around 300 to 1250 kilograms, the power is 0.18 kW, and the weight is about 0.3 T. It is the smallest size of large equipment. Although the model is relatively small, the processing efficiency and work quality have not decreased, The efficiency and quality of purification are almost the same as that of large equipment. 带式磁选机(图2) 2. The advantages of three disc magnetic separators. Jinqiang Mining Machinery specializes in producing various models of three disc magnetic separators. The demand for three disc magnetic separators is relatively large, and the equipment is lightweight and simple, easy to install and store, which has been highly praised by many small and medium-sized enterprises. The characteristic of the belt magnetic separator is that the magnetic system is electromagnetic and the magnetic system has a large wrap angle of 270 °;. In order to improve heat conduction and prevent the coil from being damp, the cylinder is filled with transformer oil; The cylinder rotates at a slower speed of 5 revolutions per minute, and the belt around the cylinder moves at a slow speed. The magnetic products are discharged by the belt and undergo good dehydration (the concentration of magnetic products can reach 65% -70%), which is important for the recovery and reuse of heavy media. 带式磁选机(图3)

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