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Selection range of fly ash magnetic separator

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Selection range of fly ash magnetic separator

Fly ash is a solid waste discharged from coal preparation power plants, containing recyclable iron elements. If fly ash is not treated, it will generate dust and pollute the atmosphere. As a new mineral resource, its development and utilization prospects are broad. It can not only produce raw materials for firing cement in cement factories, but also add high iron content iron ore to make ironmaking raw materials. In a large amount of research and practice both domestically and internationally, the beneficiation method of fly ash can achieve reasonable recovery. Developing fly ash magnetic separators is an important direction to solve environmental pollution and resource utilization of fly ash, and is also an effective means to improve the comprehensive utilization value of fly ash. The iron in 粉煤灰磁选机的选择范围(图1) fly ash mainly exists in the form of iron trioxide, iron tetroxide, and iron silicate. Fly ash contains a large amount of iron ore, but only a few are magnetic and most are non magnetic. The fly ash magnetic separator is a specific set of fly ash iron selection equipment designed by Jinqiang for fly ash iron selection, which has good permanent magnetic effect and different magnetic field strengths. It is specifically used for separating fly ash, selecting iron, removing impurities, and purifying fly ash. According to different beneficiation requirements, Jinqiang Company's fly ash dedicated magnetic separators can be divided into two types: wet and dry. The special magnetic separator for fly ash selects iron concentrate with higher grade for fly ash, which can be continuously operated to achieve better beneficiation grade. 粉煤灰磁选机的选择范围(图2) High Magnetic flux density: The magnetic system of the fly ash magnetic separator is made of Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials, which can achieve a high recovery rate and achieve the purpose of roughing or sweeping. Easy to operate: The movable tank can easily adjust the ore discharge distance between the magnetic roller and the tank according to material changes, thereby adjusting the concentrate grade and equipment processing capacity. 3. Wide selection range: According to material characteristics and beneficiation requirements, fly ash magnetic separators have downstream, countercurrent, semi countercurrent tanks, etc.

Selection range of fly ash magnetic separator
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