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Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment Product display/Product display

Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment

Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment

What are the complete sets of energy-saving beneficiation equipment for beneficiation plants? How to choose a complete set of energy-saving beneficiation equipment? Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment - crushing equipment

The crushing process should adopt advanced technology, reliable operation, high efficiency, and energy-saving large crushing ratio or ultra-fine crushing equipment to reduce the number of crushing sections, increase single machine production, reduce the number of crushing equipment and auxiliary equipment, reduce installed capacity, and achieve the goal of energy conservation and consumption reduction. Since the 1990s, with the improvement of crushing equipment structure, the development of new materials and automatic control technology, efficient and high-energy equipment has continuously emerged, creating good conditions for energy conservation and consumption reduction in crushing processes. Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment(图1)

Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment - screening equipment

The screening process should choose screening equipment with high screening efficiency. Most of the mineral processing plants in China that use closed circuit crushing technology have problems with low screening equipment efficiency, resulting in excessive ore return on the screen and unstable guiding production. These issues affect the processing capacity of the crushing system and the particle size of the final product. Sometimes, in order to make the process smooth, beneficiation plants have to enlarge the sieve size, which is one of the main reasons for the excessive particle size of products in many closed circuit crushing systems of beneficiation plants in China. On the basis of introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, the screening equipment of the whole set of energy-saving beneficiation equipment in China has been developing continuously in the past 10 years, reaching or approaching the Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation level. At present, among many optional screening equipment, the YA and YKR circular vibrating screens are widely used due to their complete specifications and convenient selection. Choosing a double-layer sieve instead of a single-layer sieve is also an effective way to improve screening capacity and efficiency. Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment(图2)

Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment - grinding equipment

The grinding process is the most energy-efficient production process in the entire beneficiation plant, generally accounting for 40% to 60% of the power consumption of the entire plant. Therefore, mineral processing plants should choose new high-efficiency and energy-saving ball mills. Improving the surface shape of the mill liner and the mechanical properties of the material is one of the effective measures to reduce energy consumption and steel consumption, and improve economic benefits. A domestic gold mine beneficiation plant operates at twoφ 1500× Magnetic GSQ-11 lining plates are used in the 3000 ball mill. The comparative analysis between the lining plate and the high manganese steel lining plate shows that, based on the same operating time, the consumption cost of the lining plate is less than 50%, the volume of the ball mill increases by 0.4m3, the processing capacity increases by 30t per day, the grinding fineness increases by 2.7%, the steel consumption decreases by 10%, and the power saving of the ball mill is 7.7%. Using high-quality grinding media (such as steel balls and rods), Optimizing the proportion of grinding media can also achieve significant energy-saving and consumption reduction goals. A certain copper ore dressing plant adopts precision ball loading method. Through graphic analysis and adding steel balls, after six months of production assessment, the mill production capacity has increased by 18.5%, the product fineness has increased by 6%, the concentrate grade and recovery rate have both increased, ball consumption has decreased by 16.7%, and electricity consumption has decreased by 18.4%. The energy-saving and consumption reduction benefits are very obvious. Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment(图3)

Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment - classification equipment

The beneficiation plant should use grading equipment. At present, the closed circuit classification equipment in China's grinding and classification circuit usually uses spiral classifiers. The complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment classifier has the advantages of wide separation particle size range and stable operation, but also has the disadvantage of low classification efficiency, which generally does not exceed 40%. This causes a large amount of qualified particle grade ore that should have entered the next stage of operation to return to the mill, increasing the mill load, reducing mill efficiency, and possibly leading to overgrinding, affecting the selection effect. According to the research by Professor Henonin of Finland, if the efficiency of the grading equipment is increased from 50% to 80%, the grinding efficiency of the ball mill can be increased by 25%, the power consumption can be reduced by 20%, and the overflow concentration of the grading product can be correspondingly increased, which is conducive to the selection of operation. Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment(图4)

Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment - flotation equipment

The beneficiation plant should choose energy-saving flotation machines based on the properties of the ore (such as selectivity, particle size, density, grade, pulp pH value, etc.) And the scale of mineral processing. If the ore is easy to choose and requires a small amount of aeration, a mechanical stirring flotation machine can be chosen, otherwise an aeration mechanical flotation machine can be considered. When the particle size of ore dressing is relatively coarse, KYF type, BS-K type, and CLF type coarse particle flotation machines suitable for coarse particles can be selected; When the selected ore is easy to select with fine particle size, high grade, and low pulp pH, a flotation column with high enrichment ratio can be selected. Suitable beneficiation equipment can not only improve production indicators, but also save energy consumption and reduce production costs. Complete energy-saving beneficiation equipment(图5)

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