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XCF type flotation machine Product display/Product display

XCF type flotation machine

XCF type flotation machine

The XCF flotation machine is an external inflatable flotation machine used in inflatable flotation machines.

The main feature of XCF flotation machine is to use the vertical large circulation of pulp and the low-pressure air forced by the blower to improve the flotation efficiency. Advanced mineral processing equipment, XCF flotation machine is suitable for the separation of non-ferrous metals, Ferrous and non-metallic minerals. XCF型浮选机(图1)XCF pneumatic flotation machine equipment working principle; When the impeller rotates, the upper blades of the impeller pump ore and intermediate ore. The slurry in the groove is sucked in from the bottom of the impeller to the lower blades of the impeller. At the same time, low-pressure air is supplied by the blower and enters the lower blades of the impeller through a distributor. After the slurry and air are fully mixed between the lower blades of the impeller, they are discharged from the periphery of the lower blades of the impeller. The discharged slurry and air mixture are together with the slurry discharged from the upper blades, The stator installed around the impeller flows stably and directionally into the main slurry in the tank, and the mineralized bubbles rise to the surface of the tank to form a foam layer. Part of the slurry in the tank returns to the lower blade of the impeller for circulation, and the other part enters the lower tank through the flow through hole on the wall between the tanks for further sorting. The stator form and parameter design of the XCF flotation machine stator are also important factors in determining whether the equipment can absorb slurry. In small-scale experiments, a comparison was made between the newly designed open stator and the closed stator of the A type flotation machine. In the experiment, the A type flotation machine found that the air filled by the lower blade of the impeller could enter the central area of the upper blade through the upper blade, and then enter the central cylinder, thereby affecting the suction capacity. The reason for this was analyzed as follows: the closed stator blocked the air filled by the lower blade from entering the slurry in the slot smoothly due to the sealing of the stator, Force air through the upper blade into the center area of the blade. The experiment conducted with an open stator resulted in good dispersion of air and greatly enhanced suction capacity. The main design concept of XCF flotation machine and XCF inflatable flotation machine is to form a slurry absorbing inflatable mechanical stirring flotation machine, which can be used in conjunction with KYF flotation machine to make its structure simple, low power consumption, and good selectivity, and can be better promoted and used. Therefore, in the design, except for the impeller, stator, and KYF flotation machine, which are different from the KYF flotation machine, except for the addition of a cover plate, central cylinder, feed pipe, and intermediate pipe, all other components are the same as KYF flotation machine. XCF型浮选机(图2)

XCF型浮选机(图3)XCF型浮选机(图4)XCF type flotation machine(图5)

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