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Yunxi Shaking Table Product display/Product display

Yunxi Shaking Table

Yunxi Shaking Table

The cloud tin type shaker equipment is an improvement of the original Soviet type CC-2 type shaker made by Yunnan Tin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as“ Cloud Tin Machinery Factory”), so it is also called cloud tin shaker. The Yunxi style rocking bed head adopts a cam lever type, while others use a cam rocker arm type to simplify the bed head. The Yunxi type mineral processing shaker equipment has a relatively simple bed frame, and the bed surface adopts a sliding support method. The Yunxi style rocking bed surface is basically the same as the 6S rocking bed surface, but different from the 6S rocking bed, there are several slopes in the longitudinal direction. The grinding machine uses raw lacquer, a mixture of raw lacquer and forged gypsum, fiberglass or polyurethane as the wear-resistant layer, and there are three types: coarse sand bed, fine sand bed, and mineral mud bed. Generally, trapezoidal strips are laid on the coarse sand bed, serrated strips are laid on the fine sand bed, and the surface of the ore mud bed is a triangular groove. The 云锡式摇床(图1) cloud tin type ore dressing shaker equipment has a flat bed surface, wear-resistant, sturdy, not easily deformed, easy to repair locally, asymmetric bed head movement, and a wide differential adjustment range to adapt to different feed sizes and selection requirements; The bedside mechanism works reliably, is prone to wear and tear, and does not leak oil. Its shortcomings are that the spring is installed under the bed surface, making it inconvenient to maintain and adjust the stroke (the spring needs to be loosened first when adjusting the stroke); The adjustable range of lateral slope of the bed surface (0°~5°) is relatively small; When the lateral slope and stroke adjustment are too large, the excessive expansion and contraction of the bed head pull rod of the Yunxi rocking machine and the excessive separation of the bed center of gravity will cause the bed surface to vibrate. The 云锡式摇床(图2) cloud tin shaker equipment has a good motion curve, with a smooth and moderate bed surface, a flat bed surface, resistance to moisture, acid, alkali, and deformation, stable operation, convenient operation and adjustment, obvious mineral zoning, and fast beneficiation speed. The Yuntin type shaker equipment is mainly used for the heavy separation of tin, tungsten, lead, bismuth, titanium, manganese, tantalum, niobium, gold and other colored, black, and rare earth ores, with a particle size of 2-0.019 millimeters. 云锡式摇床(图3)云锡式摇床(图4)云锡式摇床(图5)

Yunxi Shaking Table(图6)

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