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Shaker equipment

Shaker equipment

The mineral processing shaker is a common mechanical equipment for screening fine sand iron ore. It is generally composed of the bed body, sound card rack, and transmission mechanism. In addition, there are also flushing stainless steel water tanks, ore feeding tanks, motor shafts, etc. The entire bed body is supported or suspended by a sound card rack, which is equipped with slope adjustment equipment.

The beneficiation shaker can make ore particles exercise in different directions according to their different relative density and particle size distribution, and gradually move in a fan shape along a straight line from the ore feeding trough. The ore is discharged successively along the edge of the bed. The ore discharge line is long, which can accurately produce a variety of substances with different quality, such as titanium concentrate, secondary titanium concentrate, medium titanium concentrate and tailings pond. The ore dressing shaker is used as a re dressing machine and equipment, which was once widely used for screening minerals such as placer gold, and was crucial for selecting gold or ore dressing.

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