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Circular vibrating screen Product display/Product display

Circular vibrating screen

Circular vibrating screen

Advantages and characteristics of circular vibrating screen: The circular vibrating screen mesh can be made of wear-resistant rubber material and has a long service life. The screen frame structure has high strength. Low temperature rise during operation of large clearance bearings. The ya circular vibrating screen has a reasonable structure, low noise, and high screening efficiency. Ring groove rivet connection, advanced structure, sturdy and durable. The YA circular vibrating screen has a large processing capacity, strong universality of components, and convenient maintenance. Classification of ya circular vibrating screen mesh: 圆振筛(图1)ya circular vibrating screen mesh is the main vulnerable part. According to the variety of materials and user requirements, high manganese steel woven screen mesh, perforated screen plate, and rubber screen plate can be used. There are two types of screen surfaces: single layer and double layer. All types of screen plates can meet the requirements of high screening efficiency, long service life, and no clogging.

The wear-resistant screens used in Jinqiang Ya circular vibrating screens can be divided into four types according to different material loads: light (HD60 rubber) screens, medium (HD70 rubber) screens, and heavy (HDS rubber) screens for users to choose from.

Product Introduction of YA Circular Vibrating Screen 圆振筛(图3)

The YA circular vibrating screen adopts a cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and a deflection block to adjust the amplitude. The vibrator is installed on the side plate of the screen box and is driven by an electric motor through a triangular belt to rotate, generating centrifugal inertia force and forcing the screen box to vibrate. The side plate of the YA circular vibrating screen machine is made of high-quality steel plates, and the side plate is connected to the crossbeam and the base of the vibration exciter using high-strength bolts or ring groove rivets. The screening machine is installed in a pedestal type. The adjustment of the inclination angle of the screen surface can be achieved by changing the position and height of the spring support.

The YA circular vibrating screen usually has an electric motor installed on the right side of the screen frame or on the left side of the screen frame. If there are no special requirements, the manufacturer will install and supply it according to the right side of the material movement direction.

The equipment application of the heavy circular vibrating screen manufacturer is 圆振筛(图4). The heavy circular vibrating screen is suitable for screening sand and stone materials in quarries, and can also be used for product classification in industries such as coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, power, and chemical engineering.

What are the key operating points for product FAQ1 and heavy-duty circular vibrating screen?

(1) Operators should read the duty records and conduct a general inspection of the equipment before work. Check the tension of the triangular belt, the oil level in the vibrator, the tension of the screen surface, the fastening of each bolt, and the damage of the screen surface.

(2) The start-up of the heavy-duty circular vibrating screen should follow the sequence of the process system.

(3) During the operation of a heavy-duty circular vibrating screen, it is necessary to visually and audibly check the working condition of the exciter and screen box. After parking the vibrating screen, touch the vicinity of the bearing cover with your hand to check the temperature rise of the bearing.

(4) The parking of the heavy-duty circular vibrating screen should comply with the sequence of the process system. Except for special requirements, it is strictly prohibited to continue feeding to the vibrating screen after stopping with material.

(5) During the shift handover, the technical status of the applied heavy-duty circular vibrating screen and the discovered faults should be recorded in the duty record. The record of the heavy-duty circular vibrating screen should indicate the type of damage to the components and the date of adding or changing oil to the exciter. 圆振筛(图5)

2. How to inspect and store the YA circular vibrating screen before installation?

Before leaving the factory, the YA circular vibrating screen needs to be meticulously assembled and tested without load. After passing the inspection of all indicators, it can only be left the factory. After the YA round vibrating screen is shipped to the site of use, the user should check the completeness of the entire machine's components and technical documents according to the packing list and complete equipment delivery note.

After the YA circular vibrating screen equipment arrives at the site, it cannot be directly placed on the ground. It should be placed smoothly on flat sleepers and the distance from the ground should not be less than 250mm. If stored in the open air, a tarpaulin should be added to cover it to prevent wind and rain erosion. 圆振筛(图6)

Circular vibrating screen(图6)

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