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vibrating screen

vibrating screen

operational principle

The vibrating screen machinery is operated by using the reciprocating rotary vibration caused by the vibration of the vibrator. The upper rotating heavy hammer type of the vibrator causes the screen powder to rotate and vibrate in the plan view, while the lower rotating heavy hammer type causes the screen powder to rotate and vibrate in the spherical surface. The actual effect of its synergistic effect causes the screen powder to cause a double rotating vibration. The trajectory of its vibration motion is a complex indoor space curve. The curve is projected as a circular shape on the plane, while it is projected as an elliptical shape on the vertical plane. Adjusting the excitation force of the up and down rotating heavy hammer can change the amplitude of the vibration. Adjusting the indoor space angle of the upper and lower heavy hammer type can change the curve shape of the sieve powder trajectory and change the trajectory of the raw materials on the sieve surface.


The vibrating screen equipment can be divided into mining vibrating screen machinery, light and fine vibrating screen equipment, and experimental vibrating screen machinery according to the main purpose of net weight; Mining vibrating screen machinery can also be divided into: high-frequency vibrating screen equipment, customized management center vibrating screen equipment, elliptical vibrating screen machinery, linear vibrating screen machinery, circular vibrating screen equipment, etc.

The main advantages of high-frequency vibrating screen equipment:

1. Due to the strong vibration of the sieve box, the phenomenon of material clogging the sieve holes is reduced, resulting in high screening efficiency and productivity of the sieve.

2. Simple structure, easy to disassemble and replace the screen surface.

3. Screening consumes less electricity per ton of material.

The scope of mining vibrating screen machinery

The application range of mining vibrating screen equipment is very wide, involving almost every aspect of life. Various types of mining vibrating screen machinery are required for processing and manufacturing. The vibrating screen equipment for mining is mainly used in industries such as mining, coal, smelting, building materials, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry, medicine, food, etc.

Jinqiang Mining Equipment specializes in the production of high-frequency vibrating screen equipment and mining vibrating screens. The production of mining vibrating screen equipment and high-frequency vibrating screens is affordable and provides complete services. Welcome to purchase.

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