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How is the drum of the sand screening machine operated?

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How is the drum of the sand screening machine operated?

The existence of sand screening machines is to imitate manual operation for production operations. Generally speaking, sand screening machines can be seen on large construction sites or sand fields, and drum operation scenes of sand screening machines are often seen in coal yards, mixing stations, and other places. If the drum of the sand screening machine is damaged, it will inevitably delay the progress of the project. So when customers choose sand screening machines, they must confirm whether the equipment quality is reliable and choose excellent machinery. It is recommended to choose a reputable manufacturer, so that the industrial production quality of the sand screening machine can be better guaranteed.

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Generally speaking, the accessories of a sand screening machine include: frame, hopper, conveyor belt, motor, and roller screen. According to different sand quality requirements, changing the sieve can also fundamentally change the screening situation, thereby meeting the variety needs of different sand and stone raw materials. Although the process requirements are becoming increasingly high, high-quality equipment can meet the needs of complex process operations, such as Jinqiang mining machines. It is important to note that sand and gravel may contain high levels of moisture. If the screen is too dense, it is very easy for wet sand to stick to the screen. During the operation of the sand screening machine drum, it is also necessary to pay attention to the operation to ensure a smooth process.

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Professional sand screening machines have the advantages of flexible operation and low cost. The process of sand screening machine drum operation can be said to be a very important link, generally using a flat rolling sieve cylinder to achieve repeated rolling of sand material and also meet the needs of sufficient dispersion and separation. If it is an inclined rolling screen, there may be situations where large and small materials are pushed and buried against each other, which may cause the screening process to be hasty or not achieve the desired effect. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose the model and understand the process flow.

How is the drum of the sand screening machine operated?(图3) How is the drum of the sand screening machine operated?
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