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Magnetic field intensity division of magnetic separators

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Magnetic field intensity division of magnetic separators

Magnetic separators are the main equipment used in the mineral magnetic separation process and are widely used in magnetic separation production lines. There are various types of equipment, including permanent magnet magnetic separators, dry magnetic separators, wet magnetic separators, etc. After subdivision, there will be more types. These magnetic separation equipment have different magnetic field strengths, different magnetic field effects, and different adaptability to mineral sorting. Below is a brief introduction to the magnetic field intensity division of magnetic separators. 磁选机的磁场强度划分(图1)1. According to the magnetic field intensity range of magnetic separators, they can be divided into three types: weak magnetic field separators, medium magnetic field separators, and strong magnetic field separators. The classification of magnetic separators based on magnetic field strength is relative to the scope of equipment, and there is no relevant unified standard. Weak magnetic field magnetic separator - including magnetic separators ranging from hundreds to 3000s; Strong magnetic field separator - generally refers to a magnetic separator with a capacity of 3000-6000Gs; Medium magnetic field separator - a magnetic separator with magnetic field strength between the two mentioned above. 磁选机的磁场强度划分(图2)2. The magnetic field intensity range of magnetic separators is relatively large. In actual beneficiation production, the magnetic field intensity of magnetic separators ranges from Gaussian to 20000 Gauss. Various superconducting magnetic separation equipment can achieve magnetic fields of tens of thousands of Gauss, but it is rarely used in general beneficiation production. At the same time, excessive magnetic field intensity can lead to the aggregation of weakly magnetic minerals, which is not conducive to mineral processing. Therefore, the upper limit of the magnetic field intensity of a strong magnetic separator is generally 20000 Gs. 磁选机的磁场强度划分(图3)3. On the working surfaces of various magnetic separators, the magnetic field intensity varies at different points and ranges, and the working magnetic field belongs to an uneven magnetic field. Generally speaking, the magnetic field intensity value expressed refers to the peak value of the magnetic field intensity in the working face, and some devices may list the average value.

Magnetic field intensity division of magnetic separators
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