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How to achieve better magnetic separation results in the magnetic separation process?

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How to achieve better magnetic separation results in the magnetic separation process?

The magnetic separation process is a method of the magnetic separation process of Magnetite dry wet combined beneficiation. It uses less water, saves water and has low pollution. The magnetic separation dust is collected by the dust removal device, which will not cause air pollution. It is a creative magnetic separation process. So how can we achieve better magnetic separation results in the magnetic separation process? During the magnetic separation process, the extracted ore is first crushed by a jaw crusher, and then crushed by a hoist and feeder to a reasonable fineness and evenly fed into a ball mill, where the ore is ground; The fine ore ground by the ball mill is classified by a spiral classifier with the help of solid particles. The principle of different specific gravity and liquid sedimentation rate is to clean and classify ore mixtures; Clean and grade mineral mixtures. When the mixture passes through a magnetic separator, due to the different specific magnetization coefficients of various minerals, the magnetic substances in the mixture are separated by magnetic and mechanical forces. The equipment used in the 如何在磁选工艺过程中达到更好的磁选效果?(图1) magnetic separation process mainly includes vibration feeders, jaw crushers, ball mills, spiral classifiers, magnetic separators, etc. Some devices play a crucial role throughout the entire process. If the equipment configuration on the production line is not reasonable, it cannot guarantee the continuous production of the entire production line from high production areas, especially the selection of magnetic separators, which directly affects the quality of magnetic separation effect. Therefore, users should choose magnetic separation equipment with good magnetic separation effect. Selection of magnetic separators. In order to achieve good magnetic separation results, the selection of magnetic separators is very important. It is recommended to choose high-end materials for the magnetic drum of magnetic separators. High quality magnetic materials can better separate tailings and concentrates during the beneficiation process. Increase the speed of the magnetic separator; In order to better achieve the magnetic separation effect, users have improved the deceleration device of the magnetic separator within a reasonable range. The increase in speed of the magnetic separator results in an increase in production per unit time. Conditional beneficiation plants can also choose to install frequency converters to improve the speed adjustment of magnetic separators, improve production efficiency, and achieve ideal magnetic separation results. By increasing the current of the magnetic separator and increasing its speed, the working efficiency of the magnetic separator will naturally increase. It can be roughly determined how much power the motor should be equipped based on the loading capacity of the abrasive to increase the ton, thus achieving high-yield magnetic separation operations. 如何在磁选工艺过程中达到更好的磁选效果?(图2)

如何在磁选工艺过程中达到更好的磁选效果?(图3) How to achieve better magnetic separation results in the magnetic separation process?
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