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Optimization and Improvement of Wollastonite Impact Crusher

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Optimization and Improvement of Wollastonite Impact Crusher

According to the hardness characteristics of Wollastonite, impact crusher can be selected to meet the requirements of fine crushing after coarse crushing by jaw crusher. Based on the traditional impact crusher, our company has optimized and improved, and produced a professional Wollastonite impact crusher for Wollastonite. The device has a more reasonable structure and outstanding advantages, winning unanimous praise. Wollastonite chain shaped metasilicate, crystal is fibrous, needle shaped, glass luster, cleavage surface is pearl luster, hardness is 4.5~5.5, density is 2.75~3.10g/cm3. It can be used to process powders of different fineness for industrial production. 硅灰石冲击式破碎机的优化和改进(图1) Wollastonite impact crusher is mainly composed of box, main shaft, rotor and impact plate. The outer shell around the box is connected by bolts, with a feeding port on the upper part and a replaceable high manganese steel lining plate on the inner wall. 2. The main shaft is connected to the outer shell through a flat key, and there is an oil seal between the outer shell and the main shaft. 3. The rotor is composed of a rotor frame, a rotary table, a plate hammer, etc. Adopting an integral cast steel structure, the plate hammer is hinged on the rotor ear seat by a pin shaft. 4. The impact plate is composed of a grate plate, and the impact surface is equipped with a wear-resistant lining plate. Optimization and Improvement of Wollastonite Impact Crusher(图2) Features and advantages of Wollastonite impact crusher 1. The easy to wear parts are cast with high wear-resistant materials, greatly improving the service life of the whole machine. 2. It has complete specifications and can handle materials with side lengths less than 100-500 millimeters, with a pressure strength of 350 MPa. 3. The rotor speed is reduced by 20% -25%, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced, but the production has not decreased. The gap between the impact plate and the hammer can be easily adjusted, effectively controlling the discharge particle size, and the particle shape is good. 5. The entire machine has a compact structure, convenient operation, and is easy to install, adjust, maintain, and maintain. Optimization and Improvement of Wollastonite Impact Crusher(图3)

Optimization and Improvement of Wollastonite Impact Crusher
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