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Double roll magnetic separator Product display/Product display

Double roll magnetic separator

Double roll magnetic separator

Double roll magnetic separator is a magnetic separation/iron removal equipment used for some weakly magnetic or non magnetic minerals. The double roller magnetic separator is mainly used for tailing or purification of fine-grained weakly magnetic minerals; The double roll magnetic separator is also used for refining the raw materials and products of non-metallic minerals (Andalusite, sillimanite, Kyanite, garnet, feldspar, quartz, Rutile, zircon, corundum, etc.) (excluding iron and titanium impurities); The double roller magnetic separator can also be used to remove weak magnetic harmful impurities from various abrasive products, catalysts, and other materials. It is widely used to remove weak magnetic impurities in fine or coarse powder materials. In addition, various specifications and sizes of the double roller magnetic separator can be customized according to the actual production volume. The working principle of the 双辊磁选机(图1) double roller magnetic separator: Non magnetic materials containing magnetic substances are evenly distributed on the belt of the strong magnetic double roller magnetic separator through an electromagnetic vibration feeder; When the material passes through the strong magnetic roller, the magnetic material is adsorbed onto the strong magnetic roller due to the adsorption effect of magnetic force, and is carried into the magnetic material collection hopper by the belt; Non magnetic materials and unselected magnetic materials are subjected to gravity as the belt rotates, detaching from the magnetic field and falling onto the next layer of belt for further sorting; In this way, qualified products can be selected after several magnetic separations. The main structural features of the 双辊磁选机(图2) double roll magnetic separator: The double roll dry magnetic separator is composed of a frame, casing, material bin and feeding adjustment mechanism, permanent magnet roller, passive roller, conveyor belt, continuously variable transmission device, vibration feeder, etc. The double roll dry magnetic separator has a compact structure, small volume, light weight, low power consumption, and energy conservation. The double roll dry magnetic separator adopts a vibrating feeder for feeding, with uniform feeding and adjustable feeding amount. The magnetic roller speed can be adjusted according to the particle size of the material with stepless speed change. The speed is small when the particle size is large, and high when the particle size is small, achieving the best effect. Adjusting the opening size of the dividing plate according to the material grade can improve the accuracy of material selection. Large opening and high accuracy. The rear discharge port is the outlet of ferromagnetic substances. 双辊磁选机(图3)

Double roll magnetic separator(图4)

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