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Strong magnetic iron suction machine

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Strong magnetic iron suction machine

Strong magnetic iron suction machine refers to a type of iron remover used to filter ferromagnetic metal impurities in materials. Typically, strong magnetic iron suction machines use rare earth permanent magnet materials to manufacture permanent magnetic iron removers. Common types include: magnetic rod, magnetic grid, drawer type iron remover, rotary iron remover, permanent magnet cylinder, drum type iron remover, hump type iron remover, strong magnetic plate, fluid pipeline iron remover, and strong magnetic roller.

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The strong magnetic iron suction machine has a wide range of applications, and can be used in food processing, grain processing, feed processing, new energy, fine chemicals, thermal power plants, Paper mill, pharmaceutical plants, glass windows, ceramic plants, engineering plastics plants and other industries. With the development of the social economy, consumers' attention to food safety has gradually increased, and their emphasis on the quality of household products has increased. The demand for new energy and new material performance improvement in industrial progress is constantly increasing. We believe that the application of strong magnetic iron suction machines will be more widespread.

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The strong magnetic iron suction machine equipment has a high permanent magnetization intensity and deep interaction force, while relying on the utility of water to form a sound physical efficiency. The strong magnetic iron absorption machine reasonably separates weak magnetic minerals from non magnetic raw materials, thereby improving the quality and precision of iron ore. During the entire screening process, there is a close correlation between the water level line of the screening chamber and the rotational speed ratio of the magnetic drum.

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