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Rod mill

Rod mill

Equipment Introduction:

A rod mill is a ball mill with a cylindrical body carrying a round steel grinding body, classified into dry rod mills and wet rod mills. The wet rod mill equipment is generally selected as a wet trial overflow type, which can be used as a primary grinding application. The wet rod mill equipment is commonly used in the primary grinding of human stone sand, mining plants, pharmaceutical plants, and power enterprises.

Structural composition:

The dry ball mill mainly consists of an electric motor, an automobile differential, a transmission system department, a cylinder section, a main rolling bearing, a slow speed transmission system department, a feeding department, a feeding department, an annular sealing, a thin oil lubrication station, a size transmission gear surge lubrication, and a basic part. The automobile differential is a parallel surface shaft and a hard journal.

Working principle:

A dry ball mill is an asynchronous motor that connects the reducer to the transmission gear and immediately drives the nearby transmission wheel to rotate at a reduced speed, pushing the rotating part to rotate. The inner part of the cylinder section is equipped with moderate grinding material; Round steel, grinding material Under the effect of Centripetal force and sliding friction force, the raw material to be grinded is continuously fed into the cylinder section from the feeding department, broken by the grinding material in exercise, and the goods are discharged from the host machine according to the energy of overflow type and continuous feeding to carry out the next process flow.

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