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Inflatable flotation machine Product display/Product display

Inflatable flotation machine

Inflatable flotation machine

During the operation of the inflatable flotation machine, with the rotation of the centrifugal impeller, the coal slurry in the tank is sucked from below the centrifugal impeller to the middle of the centrifugal impeller leaves through the bottom of the tank. At the same time, the low-voltage gas supplied by the blower motor in the inflatable flotation machine also enters through the gas regulator in the central shaft and the centrifugal impeller chamber. After sufficient mixing of coal slurry and gas in the middle of the leaves, it is released diagonally from the upper part of the centrifugal impeller, and then enters all grooves through the motor stator pressure reducing and stabilizing valve and fixed term. The bubble rises to the foam stable area, and after the whole process of gathering, the foam automatically flows out of the overflow weir and overflows into the foam tank. A portion of the coal slurry also flows towards the lower edge of the centrifugal impeller, which is mixed again to produce acidified bubbles. The remaining coal slurry flows into the next tank until it finally becomes a tailings pond. 充气式浮选机(图1)

Advantages of inflatable flotation machines

A part of the main shaft bearing is hung on the sound card frame on the side, with a lightweight structure and convenient installation;

2. The centrifugal impeller is in a truncated cone shape, and the motor stator is in a radial shape. It has strong mixing ability and low functional loss;

3. Use UV type tanks to minimize the accumulation of industrial waste;

4. The centrifugal impeller has a small diameter, low circular velocity, and low functional loss. 充气式浮选机(图2)

Characteristics of inflatable flotation machine

1. Low functional loss, can be environmentally friendly and energy-saving by 30-50%;

2 Inflatable flotation machine has good gas diffusion, well distributed bubbles, and stable foam plastic;

3. Solid particles can float sufficiently and are not easy to settle in the tank. The slurry gas mixture is good, and the flotation reagent index value is high;

4. The spare parts of the inflatable flotation machine are lightly damaged and have a long service life. 充气式浮选机(图3)

Inflatable flotation machine(图4)

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