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Moving screen jig Product display/Product display

Moving screen jig

Moving screen jig

The movable sieve jig is mainly composed of a transmission mechanism, a sieve box, and a diaphragm (tire). The grate plate is equipped with a point screen box at the top and is famous for its fitness activities; Movable sieve jig”.

1、 Key performance parameters of hydraulic dynamic sieve jig

1. Total area: 0.5 square meters

2. Four stroke: 34mm

3. Feed particle size distribution: 2-20mm

4. Appearance specification: 1000 * 1260 * 2450 (mm)

5. Working pressure of water supply and drainage: 1.8-2.1 kg/cubic centimeter

6. Ability to solve work: 5-10t/h动筛跳汰机(图1)

2、 Adjustment of Four Strokes of Mechanical Moving Screen Jigger

After loosening the cylindrical pin, change the relative position between the stop ring and the camshaft to tighten the cylindrical pin again. 动筛跳汰机(图2)

3、 Maintenance and upkeep

Fill the lubricated rolling bearings and small rolling bearings before daily startup, 3-5 times a day, and the temperature should not exceed 50 ℃.

4、 When there are many minerals in the ore box of the mechanical moving sieve jig, they should be immediately removed. 动筛跳汰机(图3)

动筛跳汰机(图4)Moving screen jig(图5)

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