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Diaphragm jig

Diaphragm jig

Diaphragm jigs are divided into two forms: left type and right type jigging surfaces. The diaphragm jig is a fixed and immovable die. Diaphragm jigs are suitable for the separation of metallic materials such as iron ores, such as tungsten bearing placers, tin ores, etc. They can be used to select both fine sand raw materials and coarse raw materials. The larger feed size distribution is 6-8mm, but in some cases, the larger Degree distribution is 12mm. The 隔膜跳汰机(图1) diaphragm jigging mechanism is composed of key components such as the overall body, transmission system, floor heating water separator, diaphragm, and valve. The human body has two sizes of jigging buckets, and each diaphragm bucket is divided into two parts: the jigging area and the diaphragm area using different baffles. The entire process of jigging is carried out by the agitation of substances (water) caused by the repeated left and right movements of the vulcanized rubber diaphragm. The motor drives the large leather pulley to rotate according to the triangular belt, causing the crankshaft on the camshaft to move left and right for fitness. The connecting crank arm with this crankshaft also moves up for fitness. There are also two crankshafts on the crank arm that are connected to a vulcanized rubber diaphragm, thereby causing the diaphragm to repeatedly move left and right for jigging. 隔膜跳汰机(图2) Diaphragm jig can change the stroke of crankshaft and select different four strokes according to the particle size distribution of iron ore to get the best practical effect of jigging. The way to change the punching frequency is to replace the small belt pulley, which can be divided into two types: 322 times per minute; 420 times/minute. The four stroke method chosen is to loosen the fixed screws and screw caps, pull out the positioning pins, rotate the relative position between the axial force adjustment sleeve and the camshaft. There are 11 different four stroke (0&# 8217; 25.3mm). 隔膜跳汰机(图3) diaphragm jigs used to separate minerals such as gold, tin, tungsten, titanium, hematite, copper, coal, etc., especially in the manganese ore dressing plant industry, which have been widely used.

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