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Jigging machine refers to the mechanical equipment that completes the entire process of jigging. The key of raw materials is in the speed regulating material flow of the vertical elevator, and the whole screening process is carried out according to the relative density difference. The difference in particle size distribution and appearance of raw materials is harmful to the results of the concentrator. The commonly used substances in mineral processing jig equipment can be water or gas. When water is used as a screening material, it is called hydroelectric jigging; When gas is used as a screening material, it is called a beneficiation jig equipment.

Various types of mineral processing jigs are used by countries around the world, and can be roughly divided into the following categories based on their different structures and water flow modes:

1. Piston jig;

The piston mining jig equipment uses the repeated movement of the piston rod to create a vertically rising pulsating beverage flow. It is the initial form of mining jig equipment, most of which have been replaced by diaphragm beneficiation jigs and gas pulsation beneficiation jigs.

2. Diaphragm jig;

Diaphragm jigging equipment uses a diaphragm to replace the piston rod. Its transmission system is often equipped with axial force mechanical structures, and there are also options for using camshaft rods or hydraulic transmission system equipment. The appearance design of the equipment is mainly rectangular and ladder shaped, and in recent years, there has been a circular pattern. According to the different installation positions of the diaphragm, it can also be divided into up moving (also known as side moving), down moving, and side moving diaphragm mining jig equipment.

3. Hydraulic jig;

Hydraulic jigs are crucial for metal mining plants. The vertical alternation of flowing water in gas pulsation mining jig equipment (also known as piston rod free jig) is a fitness exercise carried out by relying on air compression. According to the different parts of the gas chamber of the beneficiation jig equipment, it is divided into the sieve side gas chamber (side drum test) and the undersize gas chamber jig. This type of beneficiation jig is key for beneficiation.

4. Moving sieve jig.

There are two types of equipment for moving sieve jigs: mechanical equipment moving sieve and manual moving sieve, with manual type being less commonly used. Mechanical equipment moving screen is a type of beverage that does not pulsate with flowing water in an acid pickling tank. It immediately relies on the moving screen to organize the hydraulic press or mechanical equipment to push the grate plate up and down repeatedly in the water material, causing periodic loosening of the raw materials on the grate plate. The key use of this type of mining jig equipment is for the discharge of lump coal in large and medium-sized coal mines, especially in severe cold and low water areas.

Jinqiang Mining Equipment specializes in the production of mineral processing equipment such as jigs and moving screen jigs. The production of mineral processing jigs is directly sold by manufacturers. The working principle of mineral processing jigs is simple, while the principle of moving screen jigs is also simple, and the service is complete. Welcome to purchase.

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